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Dr Daniel Stickler - Total Human Optimization


Changing The Limits of Human Performance

Dr Daniel Stickler is an author, speaker and medical pioneer in human optimisation. While working as a vascular surgeon he came to the conclusion that the traditional approach to medicine – i.e. dealing with ailments as they arise – is not the optimum approach for long term health. He now focuses on improving health through epigenetics and lifestyle optimisation. He is the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, a consultant for Google on epigenetics and AI in healthcare, and a lecturer at Stanford University.


00:00 | Trailer
02:27 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:00 | Brian’s introduction
06:01 | Definition of epigenetics and how it can be used to enhance health and extend life
08:35 | Seventy five percent of what kills us is lifestyle related including cancer, heart disease, accidents
12:49 | Getting the human system into a healthy lifestyle that translates into a positive outcome
15:35 | Difficulty for practicing medical doctors in keeping up with developments in medical research
17:09 | Think of one’s life in terms of health-span not lifespan
21:57 | Human optimisation – how you want to experience life
25:00 | How the Apeiron Centre advises
33:27 | What Brian’s DNA array results show about his optimum diet, exercise, stress, mercury levels, etc
49:34 | If we’d known then what we know now‚Ķ it’s rarely too late to do something about it
54:39 | Who is focussing on the body rather than on the consciousness
55:30 | Why Ironman contestants earn a lot
57:01 | The Apeiron Centre works with people from and to all levels
58:24 | How Brian can take his optimisation to the next level
1:03:33 | Possibility of gene manipulation for genetic defects but also to increase empathy and compassion
1:11:03 | Using stem cells, peptides and exosomes
1:15:00 | The potential for some to live for 150 years
1:21:17 | Mis-guided non-scientific talk of epigenetics
1:24:07 | Data tracking technology is the future norm
1:27:09 | Daniel’s daily practice
1:29:00 | The working hours and stress levels for Doctors and Surgeons
1:31:52 | What is his superpower
1:34:42 | What is his vision for the Apeiron Centre
1:36:52 | What scares him
1:37:51 | A text which excited him and made everything he does worthwhile
1:39:55 | Daniel’s thoughts on the saying “the body is the mind”
1:40:36 | What keeps him awake at night
1:41:40 | Advice to the 20 years old Daniel
1:42:09 | Success secrets
1:43:26 | Best advice he ever received
1:44:03 | Advice to the young person listening
1:46:20 | Brian’s summing up.


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