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Dorian Yates – Success Secrets

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4 Comments on "Dorian Yates – Success Secrets"

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This guy is the real deal, Pena could learn a lot from Dorian. Three piece suits and Rolls Royces? That’s a shallow and empty life. Wealth, happiness, and fulfillment come from within.


Great interview. At this time in my life I to am searching and Dorian’s insights into his journey gives me a view of my path ahead. Thanks


Brian, you are a great interviewer. Insightful questions but it is your demeanor draws out the guest. Dorian showed himself to be intelligent and articulate as well as a nice human being. I feel that bodybuilding gave him him a PhD in life which he is using to great advantage. After watching Dorian in this interview I feel as if I have made a new friend!


great questions and great answers . you’re my case study Brain I want to learn to ask better questions to get those inspiring answers .

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