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Dimitar Tonev - Black Plague Returns


Dimitar Tonev, the UK Medical Director of Virology for pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb joins us to discuss the reality of a global pandemic as featured in the movie “Contagion”, how every year the WHO predicts the most likely strains of deadly flu virus to occur, the best way to prevent the transfer of HIV and Hepatitis B & C, how last year the UK registered the highest number of new HIV cases ever for gay men, why he prefers London to his native Bulgaria, how his life goal is to focus more attention on the treatment of Hepatitis C, and why Japanese pharmaceutical companies have lagged in comparison to the West.


“…this type of amazing work, saving lives and risking your own…’ – Dimitar (03:32)

“The ability of the virus to really cause harm is based on a couple of factors…” – Dimitar (08:24)

“We have these far more complex and effective national health orginisations…” – Nic (11:47)

“If you were an Inca population and these guys showed up and everyone started dying…” – Brian (16:46)

“They created some kind of airborne, highly contagious virus…” – Brian (18:50)

Theoretically the virus is not that clever because it should be able to survive without killing the host…” – Dimitar (40:51)
“It’s like the spanish word ‘MAÑANA’ – without the sense of urgency.” – Dimitar (49:37)


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