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Dillian Whyte - British Heavyweight Boxer: How 'The Body Snatcher' Could Dominate The World


British Heavyweight Boxer

Dillian Whyte, the British professional boxer, mixed martial artist, and former kickboxer.

He holds the WBC interim heavyweight title, and is currently on an 11 fight win streak and ranked as the world’s third-best active heavyweight by The Ring magazine.

In his kickboxing career, he was a two-time British heavyweight champion and also claimed the European K1 title.

Dillian is currently in his final week of training camp before his highly anticipated matchup against Russian veteran Alexander Povetkin on August 22nd, in a fight that is being dubbed “The Battle of the Left Hooks”.

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1. What Happens On The Final Week Of Training
2. Bringing Maximum Violence To Every Fight
3. Thoughts On Tyson Fury VS Deontay
4. Tyson Fury The Gypsy Coward
5. Thoughts On Anthony Joshua
6. How Covid-19 Has Affected My Fighting Career
7. I Believe I Can Beat Anthony Joshua
8. I Will Fight In The UFC
9. My Cormier VS Miocic Prediction
10. I’m Serious About Getting In The Octagon
11. What’s It Like Fighting Chisora
12. Does Andy Ruiz Self Sabotage Himself
13. Grateful For Who I Am And Where I Come From
14. How Does It Feel To Fight With A Smaller Crowd Watching
15. How It Was Like Growing Up In Jamica Compared To Nowadays
16. Fight Predictions
17. Would You Make A Comeback Like Mike Tyson
18. What The Next 20 Years Of My Life Will Look Likes


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