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Watch > Episode > Diamond Dallas Page - Be Positively Unstoppable: How To Master The Art of Owning It

Diamond Dallas Page - Be Positively Unstoppable: How To Master The Art of Owning It


Former World Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

Diamond Dallas Page is a former World Championship Wrestling heavyweight champion, actor, fitness expert and motivational speaker.

He won the WCW world heavyweight title aged 43, becoming one of the oldest champions in history and is a man who’s made an entire career out of overcoming the odds.

This is thanks in the main to his relentless work ethic, never say die attitude, unwavering self-belief and latent talent that culminated in him becoming one of the sports greatest stars, and in 2017 being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

He has had a prolific acting career starring in 15 feature films and numerous documentaries while making appearances in 18 video games, and his hugely successful book “Positively Unstoppable” encourages readers to eliminate excuses and take control of their lives.

Added to this and quite possibly his greatest achievement is the increasingly popular DDP YOGA Programme, which has become one of the leading fitness apps on the market and helped thousands to overcome injury, obesity, and other physical limitations.

Developed based on his own experiences having battled serious injury that included a major spinal operation, Dallas credits yoga with transforming his life and supplementing his proactive and positive outlook, one that embraces change and seeks out opportunity.

Not content with his own personal rehabilitation, Dallas took the reins and decided to share his newfound knowledge with the world, and has since helped thousands of people suffering a range of issues and impairments to live a more active and fulfilling life.

From war veterans to ageing former sportsmen and women or simply those just trying to lose weight, Dallas has created a method that suits all comers and of course his desire to be of service to the world.

There’s so much to garner from this man, his energy, enthusiasm and will to get the most from life is a lesson to us all and one worth savouring.

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1. A Completely Different Take On Yoga
2. You Can’t Fake Gravity In Wrestling
3. The Diamond Cutter
4. Smack Talking
5. You Got To Earn It All
6. Thoughts On The Rock
7. Vision And Focus
8. DDP Yoga
9. Arthur Boorman
10. Media, Fame And Staying In Shape
11. DDPY Workouts
12. Diet
13. I’m Never Going To Let Sugar Own Me
14. What’s Next For Dallas


00:00 | Trailer.
02:41 | Brian’s introduction.
04:25 | How Diamond Dallas Page confounded the sport of wrestling by taking it up aged 35.
10:30 | You can’t fake gravity and that is where the really brutal part comes in.
13:51 | How starting yoga finally led to DDPY which is kick ass cardio.
21:34 | How Gorgeous George started the shit talking and who has taken that forward and into MMA.
30:25 | Owning it is what we can all learn from wrestling.
34:59 | Diamond Dallas Page wasn’t surprised the Rock made into Hollywood so successfully.
40:16 | The art of owning it, being positively unstoppable.
44:27 | DDPY and how he developed yoga that attracted strong men.
49:20 | How he helped Arthur Boorman a disabled veteran and Jake “the snake” Roberts.
59:19 | Why so many people don’t understand how diet and exercise can improve their health more than taking pills.
1:10:57 | How he teaches ddpYoga.
1:18:06 | What he says to those who feel down and depressed.
1:19:34 | The diet Diamond Dallas Page recommends.
1:30:46 | Where DDP will be in five years.
1:33:29 | Diamond Dallas Page finishes with a quotation, do you know who said it?
1:37:26 | How to learn more about DDPY.
1:39:28 | Brian’s summing up.


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