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Dave Rees - Homeless For 7 Days


This conversation is a little bit special. It isn’t just an amazing story of risk, hardship and self discovery. It also stars London Real’s very own super-talented motion graphics designer David Rees.

After the unexpected loss of a close friend, David pledged to honour his memory by spending a week as a homeless person in London. What he didn’t realise was how the experience would radically alter his perspective on life.

He saw best and the worst of humanity. He was forced to face the elements, sleep deprivation, hunger and fear. David had to dig deeper than ever before to get through it. But he made it. The experience was so personal that he didn’t even want to share his experiences to begin with.

He decided to give us the inside story of what it is like to be down and out in London.

Watch as we discuss:

  • How the death of a friend inspired David to live on the streets
  • Why he didn’t do it for charity
  • The formula for finding a place to sleep
  • How you prepare for being homeless in the Stoic tradition
  • How he bought advice from rough sleepers
  • How the church saved him from the elements
  • Coming face to face with himself on the streets
  • Dealing with fear, lack of sleep and hunger
  • How the mind can play tricks when you are desperate
  • How being exposed to danger and poverty causes primal instincts to return
  • What he missed about home
  • What he discovered about the causes of homelessness
  • Returning to normal life after his experience
  • What kept him from giving up and going home to a warm bed
  • You really don’t want to miss this powerful story.


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