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David Meltzer - Game-Time Decision Making: How To Empower One Billion People

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David Meltzer is the American entrepreneur, author, speaker and broadcaster.

He is the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, the successful sports and entertainment agency, he co-founded with Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon.

He has written two best-selling books and his latest, “Game-Time Decision Making”, outlines every step of the business process, with tools and tactics for any situation.

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00:00 Trailer.
02:36 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:34 Brian’s introduction.
04:02 David focuses on how judgement separates us from the truth when comparing the UK and the USA.
07:40 David’s back story and the lessons he learned from the successes and losses he made.
45:54 How he made a million in two weeks.
52:41 How he is working towards empowering one billion people.
57:01 The day he had to tell his mother the truth.
59:58 How he continues to work on his vision for the future.
1:04:54Why he gives away all he earns.
1:06:40 David’s mission.
1:11:07 His advice to young people who want to start a business.
1:15:24 Stay in business, David explains what he means by this.
1:20:23 David’s superpower.
1:21:20 The telephone calls he has during the day and the issues he focusses on.
1:28:03 Best and worst days of his life.
1:32:16 What scares him.
1:33:04 What we would be surprised to learn about David Meltzer.
1:34:29 What keeps him awake at night.
1:40:03 Does Dave think that as a species we are going to survive?
1:43:15 Success secrets.
1:45:06 Best advice he ever received.
1:46:50 Advice to the 20 years old person listening.
1:48:10 Brian’s summing up.


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