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Dave Proctor - Dangerous Dave


The intelligent and charming Dave Proctor joins us to discuss the pros and cons of psychedelic drugs, the necessary “shock” value used in advertising, why it takes 17 times to successfully stop smoking, how the average attention span of a visual advertisement is 3-5 seconds, the remarkable effects of ingesting peyote, his views on self-analysis and psychotherapy, and why fame can ultimately corrupt a human being.


“One of those guys overdosed….and he did heroin again the next day” – Brian (03:15)

“The revenue from excise duties on cigarettes far exceeds the costs sick smokers put on the NHS.” – Nic (15:19)

“All the energy of the universe….the tendrils of my mind just expanding outwards…” – Dave (16:48)

“The next day you feel like you’ve been lobotomised….” – Dave (17:30)

“If you want to look into yourself the best way to do it is just to be incredibly clean and incredibly pure.” – Dave (22:42)

“I don’t wanna be that dude that’s in a straight jacket in a padded room being a burden on his family” – Nic (25:46)

“A lot of people that are into meditation are extremely irritable individuals when they’re not in their meditative space.” – Dave (31:34)

“When I was in my youth I was ‘fuck you I’m right and you’re wrong'” – Brian (31:20)


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