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Watch > Episode > Dave Broome - CEO of Orange Comet: The World’s Premiere Web3 Entertainment Company Driving the Digital Revolution

Dave Broome - CEO of Orange Comet: The World’s Premiere Web3 Entertainment Company Driving the Digital Revolution


CEO of Orange Comet & President of 25/7 Productions

Here at London Real alongside a plethora of projects that include teaching hundreds of students at a time in my academy and interviewing some of the biggest names on the planet from the world of politics, sport, health & wellness, philosophy and science, we also find time to invest in cutting-edge, digital asset ecosystem protocols through our investment arm, London Real Ventures.

In doing so we search out the hottest, game-changing projects in the Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse spaces. This brings me into direct contact with some of the smartest and most talented individuals in the world of technology and entertainment.

And today’s guest is one of those people. Dave Broome is a former television and film producer, content creator and Web3 entrepreneur, who has spent the last 25 years of his working life at the sharp end of mainstream entertainment producing globally recognised award-winning television and documentary shows, featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

He was the creator and Executive Producer of NBC’s hit series, ‘The Biggest Loser’ which ran for 17 seasons and also worked alongside Sylvester Stallone to produce Netflix’s first-ever unscripted series ‘Ultimate Beastmaster’.

More recently, he filmed and produced the Jennifer Lopez documentary, ‘Halftime’, which premiered at last year’s Tribeca Film festival and is one of the most successful documentary features in Netflix history. Alongside this, Dave also produced Netflix’s critically acclaimed documentary, The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate Del Castillo and Sean Penn Story.

It’s quite a resumé and with all of that experience and knowledge it was little surprise Dave decided to broaden his horizons even further and dive headfirst into the world of blockchain, NFTs, and Web3 Gaming.

It was during the pandemic that Dave, snowed under with 7 TV projects that were abruptly cancelled, began exploring blockchain technology having come across an NFT project with Rob Gronkowski. Dave was shocked by the limited production values and equally so by the huge demand and price that was garnered.

He quickly realised there was a huge opportunity within the space to create content with high production value and dynamic storytelling, something that was seriously lacking in the space.

From this moment, Orange Comet was born and has rapidly become the world’s premiere Web3 entertainment company with the goal of driving the digital revolution.

Dave wants to build Orange Comet into the “Disney” of the Web3 world and with collectible NFT partnerships that include luminaries such as Scottie Pippen and Anthony Hopkins alongside a host of incredible projects in the works, Orange Comet is blazing a trail.

“We are looking to change the Web3 and NFT space away from a speculative play and into a premium content play where we create a real value add proposition to fans, collectors and enthusiasts around the world.”

Dave’s record of success is undeniable and he’s a man on a mission. His passion and drive are what first attracted us to their project, but what they’ve got planned will change the game.

I can’t wait to take a deep dive with Dave, he’s an incredibly driven individual who knows only too well what it takes to drive the Web3 space to new heights.

“We want to create content that engages fans in ways they’ve never imagined.”

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  1. Digital assets vs traditional movies, songs and books
  2. The Anthony Hopkins NFT collection
  3. My goal as CEO of Orange Comet
  4. Scottie Pippen NFT sneakers
  5. Web3 is about realness and authenticity
  6. Blockchain technology is a game-changer
  7. The Walking Dead project captured people who had never bought an NFT
  8. What the movie studios are saying about Orange Comet
  9. The goal is to take our partnership to the next level
  10. Advice for brands that want to step into Web3
  11. Do something different and unique or don’t bother
  12. We’re bringing the world of vampires to Web3
  13. Redefining the entertainment industry
  14. This could be next Pixar-type movie
  15. Reaching my potential
  16. Failure is not an option
  17. My responsibility as CEO or Orange Comet
  18. Entertainment heavyweights are taking notice of Orange Comet
  19. Hollywood is a brutal business
  20. We connect to the story, not the technology
  21. The struggle of balancing work and family
  22. Coping as a single father
  23. Perfection vs pride
  24. Passion drives everything
  25. Find what makes you happy and pursue that
  26. Helping others get into the blockchain space


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