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Dave Asprey - Bulletproof


This episode of London Real features the return of Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Exec himself, and long time favourite the show. It was an honour to sit down again with Dave, after all the changes that have been going on here at London Real, and over at Bulletproof too! Dave talks about a range of topics, from coffee (of course!) and mould toxins, to meditation.

But there’s a common theme running through this whole episode: making the world a better place.

Dave Asprey believes it is our birthright to know the truth about what we put in our bodies, and what will optimise our performance. Like Dave says in the episode, we don’t plug our computers into damaging power sources, and we shouldn’t do that with our bodies either! Dave has been around for a long time, honing his skills in Silicon Valley working for super successful companies.

He reveals that the shift into Bulletproof wasn’t as logical as you might assume. Starting a coffee company was a big risk for him when he already had a glowing career.

Another theme that emerges from our discussion is communication. Probably 90% of what Dave Asprey does is about communicating a message, bringing important science to the wider public.

Dave is not just “the tech guy”, and Bulletproof is not just about the great knowledge that he’s spent a lifetime uncovering. It’s about impacting people’s lives, and Dave is at his most moving and most passionate when he’s talking about how his ideas have affected others.

As you probably know, Dave is a controversial figure. His ideas and his openness to try anything that works, whether it’s a manufactured drug, or an organic plant, has brought him a lot of criticism.

Dave’s own use of drugs like Modifinil also draws criticism from far and wide. I ask him some of the tough questions about this stuff, and I’m confident we’ve done a good job of clearing up the disinformation out there about Dave.

And you’ll find a lot of your questions about the Bulletproof philosophy answered once and for all. You won’t be short of vulnerability here either.

Dave Asprey has no problem opening up about the differences between the guy he used to be, and who he is now. Biohacking is not just about good dieting, it’s about optimising performance in all areas of life.

Dave also discusses the changes he has seen in his own life through getting smart about what he puts into his body.

Whether it’s losing 100 pounds, turning around his social life, or altering his facial bone structure naturally (no joke), what makes Dave Asprey so passionate about his work is that he has experienced the changes himself. He’s had lunch with Rick Rubin and has Arianna Huffington on speed-dial!

But for Dave it’s not about fame, it’s about impact. Though he comes from a background in tech and business, Dave is also an incredibly intuitive and emotional guy. In fact, emotions, and being connected to your feelings, seem to be a big part of what biohacking means to Dave.

For this reason, Dave believes biohacking is as much an art, as it is a science. Dave Asprey is a man whose chief values include community, family and helping other people. He’s very clear about his mission, and it’s nothing less than changing the world!

He remains one of our most valued guests, and to have him back on the show is as inspiring as it is informative.

Dave Asprey is going to change the way you think about your body, your environment and your mission as a human being.  Let me know what your top biohacking tips are in the comments below.


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