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Darryl DMC McDaniels - From RUN DMC To DC Superhero


Darryl McDaniels is a legendary musician, author, publisher, and founding member of the iconic, hip-hop group Run DMC.

In the 1980’s he pioneered new school hip-hop, and broke barriers worldwide as the first group to have a gold album, a platinum record, be nominated for a Grammy Award, and to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone.

He is a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame member, and in 2007 he won an Emmy Award for his documentary film, about being an adopted child.

In recent years, he has brought his deep love of comic books and superheroes to life, as an author with his own publishing house DMC (Darryl Makes Comics).


00:00 Trailer.
03:54 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:28 Brian’s introduction.
07:09 Memories of concerts and hip hop artists performing in London during the 1980s.
09:14 DMC took the beat from the street and put it on TV.
14:45 The role fashion took in hip hop and DMC’s image.
28:48 Hanging out with the Beastie Boys and other artists, all experimenting with different music genres.
32:37 Different artistic approaches and expressions of the same feelings.
34:34 The Beastie Boy’s Licence to Ill didn’t surprise Darryl.
38:21 Memories of the period 1984-87.
40:26 Why hip hop’s appeal transcended more than other genres and what he disagrees with about it now.
48:28 The effects of all the madness of the band lifestyle and fame.
1:00:21 What happened to Darryl in the 1990s.
1:10:01 Darryl was already depressed when something happened which made him contemplate suicide.
1:19:31 The next shock he received.
1:34:09 What it was like to learn more of his past and what his therapist told him that gave him freedom.
1:55:09 Darryl’s thoughts and conclusion following the passing of Jam Master Jay.
2:04:04 Why he has decided to get into comics.
2:16:28 Success secrets.
2:17:24 What he tells adults and young people who are feeling very unhappy and depressed.
2:19:27 Brian’s summing up.


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