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Danny Jones - McFly McBusted


Danny Jones is one of the most familiar faces in British rock and pop music. Starting out as a lead vocalist and guitarist in pop-rock band, McFly, and now of super-group McBusted, he’s seen success at every level. With an enormous fan-base that stretches worldwide McFly in particular remain one of the biggest rock success stories in the last decade.

It doesn’t stop there Danny’s other love, electronic music, has seen him perform DJ sets in the biggest clubs UK-wide. He’s an experienced creative, having input on every level of production. Writing, engineering sound, recording, this guy really knows his stuff and his industry. But he knows about much more than just music production, his unique journey with McFly has seen him face some big challenges, all of which he chooses to open up and talk about with Brian.In today’s episode of London Real not only do we discover that the 28 year old star also just so happens to be a fellow London Realer, listening to the show while on tour, but we discover just some of the lessons and difficulties that success at the highest level can really bring for a humble English lad who heart has always been about the music.

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