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Daniel Priestley - Key Person Of Influence


In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, Daniel Priestley stands as a visionary leader, speaker and author, renowned for his innovative approach to business. With a focus on entrepreneurship, leadership and business growth, Priestley has become a beacon for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.

In this episode, he appears on London Real to share some of the valuable insight that he has gained from his own entrepreneurial experience. Daniel is about promoting knowledge and has written best-selling books as well as toured as an international speaker.

A believer in what he calls the “entrepreneur revolution”, Daniel himself abandoned the standard career route from the young age of 21. Within five years he had launched his own event marketing and management business worth millions.

Born in Australia, Daniel embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, and with a passion for business and an insatiable curiosity, he delved into various ventures, learning valuable lessons that would shape his future endeavours. His early experiences as an entrepreneur laid the foundation for the insightful perspectives he would later share with aspiring business leaders.

Priestley gained widespread recognition with his acclaimed book, “Key Person of Influence,” published in 2010. In this transformative work, Priestley introduces the concept of becoming the “go-to” person in a specific industry or niche. The book outlines the five key skills: Pitch, Publish, Productise, Profile, and Partnership; that individuals can develop to position themselves as influential figures in their respective fields. “Key Person of Influence” has since become a playbook for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their authority and make a significant impact.

As the co-founder of Entrevo, Daniel Priestley has also played a pivotal role in building a global movement dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. Entrevo focuses on providing training, mentorship, and resources to individuals aiming to scale their businesses and become influential figures within their industries. Priestley’s collaborative and community-oriented approach has resonated with entrepreneurs seeking not only success but also a sense of purpose and impact.

The model and appetite for creating business and building success was replicated in several new start-ups he set up in the UK, Australia and Asia.

As a speaker and mentor, he has inspired countless individuals to think differently about their businesses and leadership roles. Through the Dent Global community, Priestley has fostered a supportive network of entrepreneurs who share insights, collaborate, and collectively elevate the standard of success in the entrepreneurial world. The Dent Global community serves as a testament to Priestley’s commitment to creating meaningful connections and fostering a culture of growth.

Daniel Priestley’s impact on the entrepreneurial landscape is undeniable. From his early days as a passionate entrepreneur to his current role as a global influencer, Priestley has consistently championed innovative thinking, collaboration, and the pursuit of meaningful success. Through his books, speaking engagements, and the Dent Global community, Daniel Priestley has empowered a generation of entrepreneurs to think differently, position themselves as key figures in their industries, and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. As the entrepreneurial world continues to evolve, Daniel Priestley remains a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to leave their mark and build businesses that create lasting value.

Not only an entrepreneur but a passionate supporter of major charities, specifically Peace One Day and The Hunger Project, Daniel will change how you think about yourself and your business with some of the most fascinating insights we’ve had on the show. Don’t miss it!


00:00 | Trailer
06:07 Brian’s introduction
06:08 Where Daniel first noticed the 5 Ps used by people we think have “made it”
11:38 Publishing
Why write a book
13:22 Propriety of content, share your ideas openly
16:20 The degree of your clarity of what people want done in the world is the degree to which you create product
19:45 Profile
Attracting opportunities that are right for you
23:57 Belief behind partnerships
26:11 Syntax of the 5 Ps
29:04 Writing ‘Key Person of Influence’ and discovery made in the process
34:47 Helping people discover their own perspective
40:00 What is it like running a coaching company
42:15 Five stages of the entrepreneurial journey
1:04:34 Writing the book
The book is the process of identifying intellectual property
1:16:49 ‘Oversubscribed’, why write this book
1:23:11 What Daniel learnt from publishing the book
1:28:46 Success secrets1:29:22 Phone call to the 20 year old Daniel
1:32:03 What is the relationship between Australians and English people
1:33:48 Best advice ever received
1:36:55 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to be a Key Person of Influence
1:38:33 Brian’s summing up.


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