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Daniel Livingstone - Psychedelic Economist


Economist Daniel Livingstone joins us to talk about working for the British government, dealing with hecklers while performing standup comedy, how the Germans are taking a Calvinist approach to quantitative easing, and how drinking the psychoactive infusion Ayahuasca changed his life.

“Once words are attached to a feeling it becomes an emotion – and then it can dominate you.” – Daniel (10:59)

“The Germans are playing a poker hand now to an extent…” – Brian (24:33)

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“All these things are just numbers sitting on a piece of silicon somewhere…” – Nic (26:12)

“You don’t need to understand everything and too much information can be very, very bad for you.” – Daniel (30:15)

“You should experience some mushroom trips before you move to Ayahuasca…” – Brian (33:44)

“You’re looking at your own mind and soul from an outsider’s vantage point…” – Nic (48:30)

compiled by @zander-bylund.


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