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Watch > Episode > Dan Tapiero - Crypto Will Grow More Than 30X: How Bitcoin & Blockchain Could Break $40 Trillion

Dan Tapiero - Crypto Will Grow More Than 30X: How Bitcoin & Blockchain Could Break $40 Trillion


Legendary Investor & Founder of 10T Holdings

Today’s guest is a very welcome addition to our expanding portfolio of financial experts whose company we’ve had the pleasure of, here at London Real. Dan Tapiero is the global macro investor, entrepreneur, thought leader and burgeoning Bitcoin maximalist, who brings 30 years of experience in macro and commodity investing and trading, research and economics to the table.

Having worked as a portfolio manager and analyst with some of the world’s most respected investors including, Stan Druckenmiller, Michael Steinhardt, Steven Cohen, Julian Robertson and Lord Rothschild, Dan Tapiero is very much a ‘been there and done it’ type of guy. It is always fascinating to harness the perspective of such a sharp financial brain when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency, most notably in this case regarding Bitcoin and the blockchain.

Back in the 90s, Dan was a macro-focused portfolio manager and analyst at Tiger Management, before moving to Duquesne Capital Management, Steinhardt Management Company, and finally SAC Capital Advisors before founding and managing DTAP Capital Advisors, a global macro investment fund.

He is also the co-founder of Gold Bullion International, a physical precious metals platform that also expanded into crypto way back in 2014 and he is a co-founder of the Agricultural Company of America, which was one of the largest farmland Real Estate Investment Trusts in the U.S. at the time of its sale in 2013.

This wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in the field of macroeconomics enables Dan to bring a unique and wholly credible insight to the huge explosion we’ve seen in cryptocurrency in recent years.

Dan has become so fascinated and convinced by what he has seen in terms of innovation and opportunity that he founded private equity firm, 10T Holdings, focusing on digital assets back in 2019.

His belief or bet should we say, is in the overall growth of the sector and by building a portfolio of mid to late-stage companies he is already seeing the kind of returns that he and many others who that are starting to drift into cryptocurrency and decentralised finance are finding hard to wrap their heads around.

And for Dan, Bitcoin represents ground zero. Like many before him and the millions that will surely follow, understanding this revolutionary asset was a lightning bulb moment and represents a shift in the understanding of what direction the world is headed.

“I realised this is an invention akin to the invention of the combustion engine or like the discovery of electricity.”

Furthermore, Dan has rightly pointed out that we are rapidly moving towards an environment, where everything we hold of value will appear on the blockchain. The innovation in the ecosystem is unparalleled and continues to grow at an exponential rate. Yet despite all of this it is still very early days, which is why people who have made early moves in the market have seen unprecedented returns on their initial investment.

At the forefront of this success was access to knowledge and education in the financial sector that few have had exposure to. This is critical because it’s the beating heart of everything we do here at London Real. Having access to the right kind of information will help you make the right decisions not just for today, but for tomorrow, and many years to come.

DeFi is going to revolutionise the concept of finance for billions of people around the world, giving ‘ordinary’ citizens, yes YOU, well deserved financial freedoms.

This process will create what I am calling ‘The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History’, leading to countless opportunities to create huge financial gains through innovative and value-added Decentralised Financial services.

This is why my team and I are going “all in” on this technology and infrastructure and plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and transforming this exciting new marketplace.

If you’re new to the space then be sure to join me and Dan as we discuss his journey into cryptocurrency, why we find ourselves amid this incredible opportunity, and what it means moving forward. Please enjoy the show and share this content with friends and family alike, or anyone you know who wishes to make a significant change to their lives, not just today, but for many years to come.

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  1. The trading industry in the early 90s
  2. You only get paid when you do the work
  3. Dan Tapiero’s Bitcoin story
  4. I want a portfolio that can grow 10x
  5. Equity valuation in crypto
  6. We are a gateway to crypto
  7. Bitcoin is a scientific discovery
  8. $60 trillion in crypto volume trading this year
  9. Are tokens just potential money?
  10. Why it’s not too late to get into crypto
  11. We need a worldwide regulatory framework
  12. Everyone should have some exposure
  13. The future is coming and we need to embrace it


00:00 | Trailer.
02:44 | Brian’s introduction.
04:38 | Dan Tapiero’s early experience of learning to trade and invest with the big names in trading.
14:25 | Advice he offers to new traders.
17:29 | Early colleagues Dan Morehead, Mike Novogratz and Alan Howard, have embraced digital currency.
20:31 | Dan Tapiero’s path into digital currency trading.
32:41 | The different areas into which his 10T fund is focused.
34:43 | Explaining the seeming disconnect between equity valuations and liquid tokens.
43:40 | Dan Tapiero predicts 10T in ten years.
51:07 | Dan Tapiero considers comparisons of Bitcoin’s rapid success with the Dot-com bubble.
1:00:54 | Companies are making a lot of money as opposed to the Dot-com era when it was potential money.
1:02:16 | Dan’s views on a very big fund coming into the Metaverse space.
1:04:09 | Just go out now and buy $10 or £10 worth of Bitcoin, it’s the only way to learn.
1:10:42 | What is required of regulators and what regulation is needed?
1:19:53 | What is the best portfolio balance?
1:22:50 | Dan Tapiero looks to the future to what he might be doing in ten years.
1:28:50 | How to learn more about 10T fund and Dan Tapiero.
1:29:53 | Brian’s summing up.


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