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Dan Carlin - Hardcore History


Dan Carlin is an American political commentator and host of the hugely popular Common Sense and Hardcore History podcasts.


00:00 Trailer.
03:48 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:46 Brian’s introduction.
06:36 The ease in exploring London, a city steeped in history.
11:10 The medium of Podcasting still not fully understood.
13:03 A legacy of growing up in LA with parents in the movie business.
18:35 What an intriguing invitation to lunch led to.
26:23 Early years podcasting, developing his style.
34:13 Dan’s considerations in producing engrossing storytelling podcasts.
40:40 People can relate to human history and what history can teach us
47:38 The time it takes to make a podcast.
53:12 Turning podcasting into a business is not the true value for Dan.
56:18 Audience feedback, its benefits and drawbacks.
1:03:54 It is not meatball surgery.
1:08:16 Politicians use of the political analogy is the mis-use of history.
1:11:49 Recent Russian orchestrated events in England and America viewed with historical context.
1:15:24 Reason why Dan hasn’t felt able to have a Common-Sense podcast for some time is concerning.
1:22:15 If the USA were geographically separated by views, as it was in the 1850s, it might separate now.
1:25:02 Is it loss of liberties which is causing division and the people’s frustration?
1:27:27 Future for the freedom offered by the modern era of independent media.
1:35:08 Explosion in social media, the effect on young people, and its future.
1:38:33 Freedom of podcasting compared to being in-front of a TV camera.
1:43:26 Success secrets.
1:43:51 The question he asks would be podcasters.
1:48:10 Internet bots and the problems with verifying viewing statistics across new media.
1:54:55 We could be guinea pigs in a brand-new era of history.
2:00:40 What does Dan do for fun in his spare time?
2:02:55 Will he continue podcasting until he retires?
2:03:33 What will be Dan’s obituary?
2:04:53 Best and worst days of his life.
2:07:13 The podcast he is most proud of.
2:07:27 What scares him.
2:08:49 The lost art of political debate in the USA.
2:14:27 Phone call to the 20-year old Dan Carlin.
2:15:24 Best advice ever received.
2:18:26 Phone call to the young person watching about timing of changes and progress in their life.
2:22:11 Brian’s summing up.


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