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Damian Kimmelman - Founder & CEO of Duedil


Fresh off winning the Tech City News Entrepreneur of the Year Award, DueDil Founder & CEO Damian Kimmelman is a man in the spotlight indeed.  But if your’e expecting canned answers and a polished sales pitch you’ve come to the wrong place.  Damian’s talk is straight to the point and very real.  As he says, “The problem with the UK tech scene is that it doesn’t have balls.”

Damian’s passion is private companies and the myriad amounts of data they contain that is both hard to find and extremely valuable.  He has positioned DueDil to be the gateway to that information in the UK because as he says, “Public companies are boring.”

And is the US market a necessary expansion or as Damian puts it, “Is that just ego?”  In his opinion there is plenty of work to do here right in the UK for now.

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