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Clint Emerson - Escape the Wolf: A Navy SEAL Operative’s Guide to Situational Awareness


Retired Navy SEAL & Best Selling Author

It’s been a busy start to the last quarter of the year here at London Real, with so much going on. We’ve had such an array of fascinating guests lately, and I for one feel inspired and energised. It’s a real privilege to spend time in the company of these high performance individuals. People who are making a lasting change, developing groundbreaking technology, spreading important information and offering us new perspectives.

Which brings me to today’s guest! Clint Emerson is a former Navy SEAL who spent twenty years in the grand theatre of operations working behind enemy lines, oftentimes operating in the shadows on solo missions as one of America’s most elite counterintelligence agents. Today, he’s a crisis management expert, bestselling author and the kind of guy you’d want around when life takes a turn for the worse.

Clint’s military career can only be described as exceptional, he dedicated his life to keeping America safe and spent ten years serving in Seal Team 3 before joining up with that feared band of brothers considered the most highly trained elite forces in the US military, SEAL Team 6.

His work led to him conducting countless operations in various hostile environments around the world as part of a Special Mission Unit, working on behalf of the US Government and the National Security Agency. Throughout this time, Clint developed an unparalleled level of expertise in counterterrorism, surveillance, improvisation, and a do or die attitude that’s un-relatable to everyday civilians.

Having grown up for a large part of his childhood in Saudi Arabia, Clint’s journey to the military was not a typical one, but, as a restless and trouble-causing youth, his energy and fearless attitude made the perfect candidate for a life of duty that only few can do. 

Clint joined the Navy in 1994 and from there gave two decades of relentless, uncompromising service that saw him receive numerous awards for his leadership and bravery, including the Bronze Star medal for heroic service to his country. Clint is also the only SEAL that has ever been inducted into the International Spy Museum.

It is quite a career and one that is marked by the kind of extremities unfamiliar to the average civilian. Nowadays, Clint uses all of this knowledge and experience as a crisis management expert who helps individuals and all manner of organisations with their safety, security and self-sufficiency, be it in a domestic setting, the work environment or more specifically travelling in unfamiliar locations.

His latest book ‘Escape the Wolf: A SEAL Operative’s Guide to Situational Awareness, Threat Identification, and Getting Off The X, deals with that exact theme and is a fascinating guide to how all of us can become more aware and minimise any potential threats we could come across, whether you’re working or holidaying abroad.

Clint deals specifically with awareness, something modernity has left in short supply. People are making themselves a target, vulnerable and switched off in large part thanks to our over consumption of modern technology. Our obsession with mobile phones has left us detached from the world around us.

“Our basic human survival skills are being lost, replaced by technology and obscured by the busyness of everyday life. In general, people do not pay attention to their surroundings. When crisis strikes, they mentally stall and fall victim to preventable demise.” 

There is so much to learn from Clint’s knowledge base, particularly for anyone concerned about the vast array of threats in the world we now live. In his bestselling series of books, 100 Deadly Skills, Clint broke down a wide range of easy to follow, practical skills including immobilising a bad guy, evading a kidnapping, building a shelter, finding food and even dealing with cyber criminals

Clint really is like a modern day Bond mixed with Bourne and a dose of Bear Grylls. I’m really looking forward to this one – he’s a fascinating guy, with a ton of tales and some serious solutions to many of the problems we come across on a daily basis. As Clint himself says,

“In a future where every stranger poses a potential threat, knowing the predator mindset is the only safe haven”

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