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Clay O'Shea - Mama Said Knock You Out


Former professional boxer and “The Apprentice” reality show contestant Clay O’Shea drops by to discuss dealing and now thriving with his mother’s dementia, his passion for design and his many inventions, how living in London is amazing, why everything he did was only to please his father, and to perform the first ever informal free-style rap on London Real.


“All I ever wanted to do was please my Dad.” – Clay (04:44)

“I wasn’t meant to be that champion.” – Clay (06:30)

“There were times he would do a shot of tequila before he went into the ring!” – Brian (07:15)

“The person you have to be honest with is yourself.” – Clay (10:15)

“I’m on a self-improvement mission” Clay (10:47)

“My mum was and is the most amazing woman, but hard, hard love she showed me.” – Clay (11:00)

“I wasn’t the greatest fighter but I trained with the greatest fighters.” – Clay (33:35)

“Great people are selfish, because they have to be in this world.”  – Clay (37:39)
“I train with some of the top-name MMA fighters and they’re not alway the best trainers…” –  Brian (38:00)


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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