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Chuck Palahniuk - How the Cult Author of Fight Club Made Nihilism Fun Again


Chuck Palahniuk is a man who needs little introduction – the iconic author and legendary wordsmith who penned the anarchic 90s cult classic Fight Club and went on to repeat his formula for success with the psychological smash hit Choke.

Growing up in a mobile home in Burbank, Washington, followed by a stint on his Grandparents cattle farm, few might have expected such a feverish literary mind to emerge from such rudimentary beginnings.

Having begun his career as a journalist working locally for a newspaper in Portland, Chuck perhaps unsurprisingly left the desk job behind to become a diesel mechanic, a job he seemingly flourished in and it was only in his late twenties that his calling began to shout louder.

Despite being revered as a game-changing exploration of postmodern masculinity, mixed with equal parts philosophy, satire, violence and shameless seediness, the sensory overload that accompanies Fight Club went unheralded until long after Hollywood’s adaptation.

These days, with 23 bestsellers to his name, Chuck Palahniuk continues to push the boundaries while maintaining his unique sense of reverie and with his latest instalment to the repertoire The Invention of Sound, making a similarly typical Palahniuk style impact, his prolific resume shows no signs of abating.

His latest work ‘The Invention of Sound’ is a chilling and typically offbeat tale of a man’s search for his missing daughter and show’s Palahniuk at the peak of his literary powers in what has been described as his ‘most suspenseful, most daring, and most genre-defying work yet.’

As a fan of his work, it’s a huge privilege to have him on the show and we are sure all of you will walk away with much to ponder.

Join us as we will be talking with Chuck Palahniuk to discuss his new book, Fight Club, censorship in writing, writing workshops and his process.

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1. Not For The Faint Of Heart
2. How To Find And Test Storylines
3. How To Have The Reader Under Your Control
4. The Healing Power Of Writing
5. The Secondary Father
6. We Forget Our Past When We Judge Younger Generations
7. Have Your Adventures, Just Don’t Die
8. People Don’t Want To Know About Your Private Life
9. Fight Club
10. I Don’t Know How The Novel Is Going To End
11. What’s Next For Chuck Palahniuk
12. The Legacy


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