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Christopher Divinity Dines - The Mystery of Belief

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Life coach, former DJ, and author Christopher “Divinity” Dines joins us to talk about overcoming his addictions as a young man, the power of embracing a positive self-image, the process of writing and publishing his two books, and the importance of one’s imagination which he considers an undervalued gift.


“I’m a high school dropout. I still don’t have any certificates to my name.” – Christopher (01:39)
“What makes a life coach and what makes you qualified as a life coach?” – Brian (05:08)
“I’ve overcome a lot of stuff in my personal life, a lot of demons.” – Christopher (05:35)
“Life tastes better with meditation.” – Nic (07:04)
“I learn from others and then I apply what I’ve learned and then I have an experience as a result of that.” – Christopher (09:54)
“Some spiritual teachers will say ‘Don’t have an image because that’s a form of building your ego.'” – Christopher (10:28)
“It takes about 5 or 6 years for the conscious mind to develop.” – Christopher (11:35)
“I used to be the king of positive thinking.” – Nic (13:32)
“Some people need to be told ‘Man the Fuck Up'” – Nic (20:20)
“They don’t just work for me, I know they’ve work for thousands of other people. I’ve seen miracles.” – Christopher (24:50)
“How can people be present these days in an era of Facebook and mobile phones?” – Brian (27:06)
“Eckhart Tolle, Khrisna, Jesus, Buddha these people actually had superceded mind.” – Nic (28:24)
“Most of the best moments I’ve had have not come from tragedy.” – Christopher (31:18)
“If everyone likes you you’re not pushing hard enough.” – Nic (37:49)
“If you had to write your own obituary what would it be?” – Brian (46:02)
“How I see myself is not how other people see me.” – Christopher (46:22)
“Here lies Brian Rose….Bad Motherfucker!” – Brian (46:52)
“He lived the most alive life he could have.” – Nic (48:05)
“I think we’re growing as people and we’re meeting some of the coolest people in London.” – Brian (49:10)


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