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Watch > Episode > Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles


Epigenetics & DNA Manipulation

When you want to supercharge your life, you need to really understand how our thoughts and beliefs come into play. This is something that guest Dr. Bruce Lipton has put a lot of time and research into.

He’s a developmental biologist that is shaking the foundation of conventional science.

Read on to learn more about the science and philosophy of Dr. Bruce Lipton, and how it goes hand in hand with the power of belief and its effect on epigenetics and DNA manipulation.

Dr. Bruce Lipton — An Expert on Belief

Today, Dr. Bruce Lipton has emerged as an expert on belief, and he has released a lot of information on how you can build your own. He maintains that we can change our DNA and genes by changing our thoughts.

He stresses affirmations and positive statements we can say that will change us down to our very core. This enhances your body’s ability to heal itself and can help you to unlock tremendous powers in your everyday life.

The Power That Both Positive and Negative Thoughts Have on Our Lives

Another tenet that Bruce Lipton espouses is that both positive thoughts and negative thoughts have an equal effect on the brain and body.

What this means is that we have just as much control to change our lives for the better as we are to change it for the worst. The key to this is by setting the tone for what you allow your mind to think, rather than letting your egoic, neurotic roving mind take over.

By having a set of affirmations that you say on a regular basis, you can take control over virtually every matter in your life.

Work the Honeymoon Effect in Your Life

In his talks, Lipton often talks about a state of mind and spirit he calls “The Honeymoon Effect”, and he’s also written a book with the same title.

Think about the last time you fell in love. That period of good feelings had you operating with an elevated mood, clearer thinking and a feeling of bliss.

When we manifest this effect in our lives consciously, we can experience euphoria and productivity that is unmatched. Lipton states that this is something that everyone can do as long as they cultivate the belief system and use the practices in their daily lives.

Catch Bruce Lipton’s Episode and Many Others

Dr. Bruce Lipton has studied matters that can provide life-changing self-development and evolution when you apply the teachings.

As you might imagine, you can use these teachings to help you on several levels. Whether you just want more peace and joy in your life or if you want to shoot toward some sort of goal, these words of advice can be helpful to you.

There are several professionals that specialize in matters of the brain and spirit, and their techniques fall right in line with the information that Lipton is teaching.

Consider these points and watch Dr. Lipton’s episode. Check back for more episodes on mindfulness and spirituality.


00:00 | Trailer
02:15 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:24 | Brian’s introduction
06:00 | Bruce Lipton is turning conventional science thinking on its head
08:02 | Negative thinking is equally as powerful on the body as positive thinking
09:51 | Your DNA is not controlling your future
11:40 | Explanation of Epigenetics
16:58 | Realisation of environmental effect on stem cells and how this message is received by scientific world
23:19 | How pharmaceutical companies control discussion and research in the medical industry
29:23 | Fighting pharmaceutical companies hold on medicine by belief in the body’s ability to heal itself
30:32 | Stress causes nearly 90 per cent of visits to Doctors
34:29 | The importance of the first seven years of a child’s life
45:31 | How Bruce changed his life around
48:56 | Parenting by being aware of our sub-conscious behaviour
56:21 | Using meditation and psychedelics to access the subconscious mind
1:04:11 | “The Honeymoon Effect” the story of the conscious mind and how to keep the honeymoon alive
1:11:13 | The evolutionary paradigm, next step is to act together to create humanity after 6th mass extinction
1:17:39 | Bruce’s view of Donald Trump’s actions in getting rid of the corporations
1:22:27 | What Bruce discovered that he is now so in love with life
1:28:13 | Bruce’s mission for the future years
1:30:07 | Success secrets
1:30:36 | Does Bruce see technology good for humans or should we be frightened off it
1:33:29 | Why Bruce chooses to live where he does
1:35:03 | Phone call to the 20 year old Bruce Lipton
1:40:11 | Best advice he ever received
1:42:01 | Advice to young people watching who want to change their consciousness
1:42:16 | Brian’s summing up.


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