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Brian Rose - The Evolution of London Real


Get to know London Real and the journey like you’ve never known them before. Where did we begin? And where are we going? Brian Rose is in the hot seat once again this week. Facing him down in this collaborative episode is Olive Hui, founder and host of freshly launched chapter New York Real. Olive is a contributing member of the Academy, mentored by Brian himself. So prepare to get into Brian’s head like never before. London Real now boasts 250k subscribers with content watched clocking at over 6 million minutes a month. How did we get there? Brian bares all in this epic show. Find out how he runs the creative team behind the content, how he adds value to his “product’, and check out the strategies he employs to keep not only London Real growing but himself growing. For those that want to be inspired or start out on a new project, this show is for you. Don’t miss today’s bumper 3 hour episode where we get inside the mind of the man that started it all.


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