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Brian & Mariana Rose - How We Met - Interview with Bulgaria's 120 Minutes


Bulgarian TV Interview

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Vasil Hristov, the UK correspondent for bTV which is one of the most popular TV channels in Bulgaria.

A member of the Foreign Press Association in London, Vasil had some incredible questions for my wife, Mariana (who is Bulgarian herself) and I about London Real, my mayoral campaign and the race for City Hall, as well as our family life in London.

With over two million viewers, 120 Minutes is Bulgaria’s flagship current affairs programme, and we had an amazing conversation about how Mariana and I met, our relationship, my journey and, of course, my current campaign to be Your First Choice as Next Mayor of London.

Enjoy as we discuss my career, my candidacy for Mayor of London, my family and Bulgarian connection!

Clips Now Available To Download & Share

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Trailer – Brian & Mariana Rose: How We Met
Clip 1 – Moving To London
Clip 2 – Journey Through MY Career
Clip 3 – How We Met
Clip 4 – Nothing Is Impossible
Clip 5 – Life During Lockdown
Clip 6 – Family Life


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