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Boki Nachbar - NBA Basketballer


Boki Nachbar has been a fan of London Real from the very early days of split screens and big headphones.  In fact when he first contacted me as a former NBA Basketball player with the Houston Rockets and New Jersey Nets, I nearly fell off my chair.  I was surprised to learn that such a high calibre athlete was such a big fan of message at London Real.

Boki currently plays for FC Barcelona, a club with passionate fans in one of my favourite cities in Europe.  He is a huge fan of MMA and the UFC and is of course an avid listener of the Joe Rogan Experience.  He also produces is own podcast in Slovenian and has just recently released the first episode in English.  It’s called The Details Podcast and you can download it Here.

Boki just returned from a trip to Africa with UNICEF where he learned about the devastating effects of water shortage and took some time out to teach the children the game of basketball.  You can read his blog about it here.

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If there is one secret to Boki’s success that I can pinpoint after meeting him I would say it is his sincere expression of Gratitude.

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