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Boki Nachbar - A Journey from NBA Basketball Courts to Sports Leadership And Beyond


Boki Nachbar has been a fan of London Real from the very early days of split screens and big headphones. In fact, when he first contacted me as a former NBA basketball player with the Houston Rockets and New Jersey Nets, I nearly fell off my chair. I was surprised to learn that such a high calibre athlete was such a big fan of the message at London Real.

Boki currently plays for FC Barcelona, a club with passionate fans in one of my favourite cities in Europe. He is a huge fan of MMA and the UFC and is of course an avid listener of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Boki just returned from a trip to Africa with UNICEF where he learned about the devastating effects of water shortage and took some time out to teach the children the game of basketball.

If there is one secret to Boki’s success that I can pinpoint after meeting him I would say it is his sincere expression of gratitude.

His name is synonymous with skill, resilience, and versatility in the world of basketball, and has left an indelible mark on the sport. From his early days as a rising star in Europe to his successful career in the NBA, our interview explores the inspiring journey of Boki Nachbar.

Bostjan “Boki” Nachbar was born on July 3, 1980, in Maribor, Slovenia. His basketball journey began in his home country, where he quickly gained recognition for his exceptional skills on the court. Nachbar’s talent and dedication propelled him to the top of European basketball leagues, catching the attention of scouts and teams across the continent.

In 2002, Boki Nachbar made the leap to the NBA, becoming the first Slovenian player drafted in the first round. His journey took him through the Houston Rockets, New Orleans Hornets, New Jersey Nets, and other NBA teams, showcasing his adaptability and scoring prowess. Nachbar’s international impact was not limited to the NBA; he also played a pivotal role in the Slovenian national team, contributing to their success in various tournaments.

Nachbar’s playing style is marked by versatility. Standing at 6’9″, he possesses the ability to shoot from long range, drive to the basket, and defend multiple positions. His adaptability and well-rounded skill set made him a valuable asset on the court, earning respect from teammates, opponents, and fans alike.

Beyond his role as a basketball player, Boki Nachbar has become a global ambassador for the sport, being actively involved in promoting the sport’s growth, particularly in his home country of Slovenia. Nachbar’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of basketball talent and fostering international collaboration underscores his commitment to the sport’s global community.

In addition to his contributions to basketball, Boki Nachbar has ventured into entrepreneurship. He has explored various business opportunities, showcasing his diverse skill set and adaptability beyond the basketball court. Nachbar’s entrepreneurial spirit reflects his ability to transition seamlessly between different domains, a hallmark of his multifaceted career.

Boki Nachbar’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring basketball players and those seeking success in sports leadership. His ability to excel on the court and seamlessly transition to a leadership role speaks volumes about his dedication, adaptability, and passion for the game. Nachbar’s legacy extends beyond his playing days, contributing to the broader narrative of athletes making a lasting impact in the sports industry.

Boki Nachbar’s journey from Slovenian courts to the global stage of the NBA is a testament to his resilience and versatility. Whether scoring points on the hardwood or making strategic decisions, Nachbar’s impact on basketball continues to reverberate. As he remains an influential figure in the sports world, Boki Nachbar’s story inspires the next generation of athletes and leaders to reach new heights, both on and off the court.


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