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Watch > Episode > Benjamin Cowen - Why Most Crypto Price Predictions Are Wrong: Traders Lose Money Because They Don’t Understand Market Cycles

Benjamin Cowen - Why Most Crypto Price Predictions Are Wrong: Traders Lose Money Because They Don’t Understand Market Cycles


Founder & CEO at Into The Cryptoverse

I regularly get asked for predictions regarding the future price of Bitcoin and Ethereum. And while many people are keen to get my thoughts on the latest altcoin or a new DeFi project that’s “making waves”, I always urge people to get a better understanding of how the markets work and the nuances of trading and investment strategies before ploughing hard-earned cash into the latest rumour.

The reality is that there are no easy answers. Successful crypto trading and investment comes down to being disciplined, strong technical analysis and increasing your knowledge of the space. There are some crazy price predictions out there on the wild web and if you’re not informed you could find yourself in hot water.

With such a wealth of innovation in a short period of time, it is inevitable that the crypto and DeFi space has attracted a barrage of misinformation and hyperbole.

Which is just one reason I’m delighted to welcome today’s guest.

Ben Cowen is someone I’ve been keen to have on the show for some time now. A former nuclear engineer, researcher and financial analyst, he now hosts the incredibly successful Into the Cryptoverse YouTube channel and weekly newsletter.

His unique and reliable take on the market cycles has seen him rack up over half a million subscribers, while his honest appraisals help traders, investors, and serious crypto natives make informed decisions about what is happening now, and how it will impact tomorrow.

Ben first discovered Bitcoin by chance back in 2011 after taking a class in cryptography, but it was only in 2017 when he started to analyse the data and research the market full time. He studied nuclear engineering and earned both a Masters and a PhD before working as a research assistant at NASA.

Ben is all about the details and his easy-to-follow, no nonsense analysis is some of the most insightful cryptocurrency education you’ll find, particularly for those who want to dive deeper into the metrics that are driving markets.

Ben believes that most of the short-term price predictions we have seen recently have been “extremely wrong”, and we must strive to be realistic with our expectations on prices in crypto. It is far more beneficial to be flexible, because as Ben points out:

“Nothing in crypto is an absolute certainty.”

While we will still likely see returns in Bitcoin, Ethereum and some altcoins that you won’t find in other asset classes, the most important step you can take today is to get informed, and Ben’s insight is the perfect place to start.

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In the meantime sit back and enjoy my interview with Ben, who has to be one of the most informative personalities in the ‘cryptoverse’. He has a genuine desire to help people succeed and gain a better understanding of what is happening in the markets. His unique approach cuts out all of the noise and nonsense, with solid tangible advice that you can take to the bank.

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  1. Do not be deterministic about anything in crypto
  2. The crypto market cap will reach $10 trillion
  3. Fear and greed
  4. All the real money is made in the bear market
  5. Bitcoin price predictions
  6. Why Bitcoin going up too fast is not sustainable
  7. The trend is your friend
  8. It’s one of the best times to buy Bitcoin
  9. Why is no one else talking about this
  10. Can Ethereum flip Bitcoin
  11. Ethereum outlook for 2022
  12. Top Layer 1 projects to keep an eye out for
  13. Altcoins versus Ethereum
  14. The NFT space is promising
  15. From NASA researcher to YouTuber
  16. Don’t ignore crypto and blockchains

00:00 | Trailer.
02:45 | Brian’s introduction.
04:14 | Benjamin Cowen’s approach to technical and market analysis.
07:52 | His advice and ground rules to those new to cryptocurrencies and looking at the prediction charts.
14:13 | Crypto market cap and trendline chart indicates ultimate growth to $10 trillion but not this year and with diminishing returns.
20:39 | What those charts show from a human psychology perspective.
24:43 | Ben predicts this cycle is longer, perhaps with a mania phase, followed by a bear market which is a time to build and when people make the real money.
28:47 | The concept of a slow build up being preferable to a quick return.
32:20 | Crypto chart showing how coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum behave over time.
42:56 | Why no-one else seems to be looking at the market as Ben does in such an uncomplicated way.
46:58 | Ben Cowen’s thoughts on Ethereum. Why he thinks it is Blue Chip and considers whether it will flip Bitcoin.
55:57 | Ben speculates how Ethereum will continue to grow and the improvements it will make, including to gas fees.
1:01:54 | The Layer One wars, how does Ben look at projects like Cardano, Avalanche and Polkadot.
1:08:45 | Ben advises people to ask themselves “is it going to outperform against Ethereum?”
1:16:10 | The trend is your friend and don’t marry an alt coin.
1:21:20 | Ben’s stance on NFTs and the metaverse players.
1:28:38 | When Ben Cowen started a YouTube channel and how it has developed.
1:34:22 | His next big challenge: how he sees his channel developing.
1:35:31 | How to follow him and learn more about his channel.
1:36:03 | His final thoughts.
1:37:00 | Brian’s summing up.


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