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Watch > Episode > Ben Patrick - Knees Over Toes Guy: From Battered To Bulletproof

Ben Patrick - Knees Over Toes Guy: From Battered To Bulletproof


Founder of The Athletic Truth Group Training System

Today’s episode features Ben Patrick, AKA the ‘Knees Over Toes Guy’, who is single handedly revolutionising the world of elite fitness and strength training, while earning himself an army of followers thanks to his proven results and unorthodox methods.

Ben is no ordinary high performance coach, with a career marked by experience and happenchance that has informed a wealth of knowledge that is turning the science of physiological fitness on its head.

Having harboured an obsessive interest in the world of the NBA and the no-holds-barred approach to success of the top level protagonists, Ben dedicated the formative and early years of his life to emulating his heroes. His determination to follow in their footsteps, meant pushing his naive body to levels it was not developed for and the result was a catastrophic catalogue of injuries, that saw him spend his teenage years in crippling pain, that required multiple surgeries.

The chronic nature of his injuries curtailed what would surely have been a promising basketball career, and led to frustration and disability that no orthopaedic surgeon, supplement range or big pharma protocol could fix. After years of costly treatments, Ben took matters into his own hands and an unconventional training method that railed against conventional wisdom was born.

By performing exercise through the full range of motion, allowing your knees to go over your toes, when performing standard exercise routines be it the squat, deadlift or jumping motions, Ben quickly realised the need to strengthen each muscle to support the core joints. This unique approach to creating knee, ankle and hip mobility, enabled Ben to perform at the highest level possible without pain.

To say it changed his life would be an understatement of the highest magnitude. Almost overnight, Ben became pain free, not only was he able to re-enter the basketball arena, he earnt a full college scholarship and began playing competitively again. His vertical jump, so often the barometer of potential by NBA standards, rocketed from a below average 19 inches to this day where he can reach 42 without breaking sweat.

Ben had unearthed something magical, a truly transformative training method that could change the lives of millions of people worldwide. The offers to continue playing were there, but Ben realised a greater calling. He continued to experiment, to break down every nuance of athletic movement, and found even greater results.

Today he runs ATG online, the Athletic Truth Group training system, where his methods are saving thousands of people from going under the knife while living, performing and achieving pain free.

It’s a remarkable story, and I can’t wait to share it with you. So few of us are able to function in our lives pain free, there’s an epidemic of knee, hip and lower back problems plaguing the population. Ben’s methods are unconventional, but the results are astonishing.

So saddle up as Ben explains how to bulletproof your knees, ankles, hips and hamstrings, the four pillars of his training program and how walking backwards could be the key to our physical longevity.

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00:00 | Trailer.
02:37 | Brian’s introduction.
03:39 | Knees over toes concept explained.
06;08 | Why walking backwards is a good idea.
09:26 | Ido Portal and Ben Patrick agree about dealing with physical pain.
12:47 | Why Ben Patrick has suddenly become so popular.
1759: | Ben’s need to bulletproof his battered knees led to training with Charles Poliquin.
30:40 | Everyone could improve using Ben’s procedures, with miraculous pain reduction.
34:14 | People let physical pain curtail their physical capability.
35:28 | Sitting is having a negative effect on us.
36:45 | Ben Patrick’s exercises.
41:32 | Subconsciously we limit our physical possibilities to avoid physical damage and pain.
46:31 | What it is like for Ben to be training professional athletes.
50:56 | Why Ben Patrick’s success in LA is surprising and who, and for what, are his clients.
55:09 | The benefits of using Ben’s exercises.
58:50 | Ben’s progression from knee exercises to those for different parts of the body.
1:03:07 | Ben thinks, as a runner, David Goggins would benefit from his four exercises.
1:04:13 | Ben Patrick’s biggest challenge.
1:07:42 | Getting his IP out there.
1:09:15 | Ben’s admiration for Michael Jordan.
1:17:22 | How Ben deals with the haters.
1:26:05 | Demonstration of Ben’s 4 knees over toes concepts.
1:45:34 | The knee surgery these exercises would prevent.
1:46:47 | Taking the first step, progress through and accessing Ben’s programme.
1:51:21 | Doing the exercises whatever the age
1:53:21 | Brian’s summing up.


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