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Ben Pakulski - The Bodybuilding Yogi: How To Unify The Mind & Body


In the world of bodybuilding and fitness, few figures command as much respect and admiration as Ben Pakulski. Renowned for his exceptional physique, innovative training techniques, and dedication to educating others, Pakulski has become a prominent figure in the fitness industry. In this interview with Brian Rose, Ben Pakulski discusses his life, achievements, and transformative impact on the wider bodybuilding community.

Born on March 18, 1981, in Toronto, Canada, Ben Pakulski’s journey into the world of fitness began at a young age. His early athletic endeavours included playing hockey, a sport that laid the foundation for the discipline and work ethic that would become hallmarks of his future success. It wasn’t until later in his teenage years that Pakulski discovered his passion for bodybuilding and embarked on a journey that would redefine his life.

Ben Pakulski’s bodybuilding career took off in the mid-2000s when he began competing on the professional stage. Known as “The Pak-Man,” he quickly gained recognition for his well-proportioned physique, exceptional muscle definition, and commitment to a scientific approach to training. Pakulski’s dedication to the craft earned him invitations to prestigious competitions, including the Mr. Olympia contest, where he showcased his prowess among the elite in the bodybuilding world.

Beyond his success as a competitive bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski is celebrated for his groundbreaking approach to training, encapsulated in the MI40 (Mass Intentions 40) system. This unique training philosophy focuses on the concept of intention, emphasising precise execution and controlled movements to maximise muscle engagement and growth. The MI40 system has gained widespread acclaim for its effectiveness and has become a cornerstone of Pakulski’s legacy as a fitness innovator.

Ben Pakulski’s commitment to education and sharing his knowledge is evident in his various educational initiatives. He has conducted workshops, seminars, and online courses, providing aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts with insights into his training methodologies. Pakulski’s dedication to empowering others to understand the science behind muscle growth has positioned him as a trusted source of information in the fitness community.

Recognising the integral role of nutrition in achieving optimal results, Ben Pakulski emphasises the importance of a well-rounded and science-backed approach to eating. His nutritional strategies complement his training philosophy, focusing on fueling the body with the right nutrients at the right times to support muscle growth, recovery, and overall health. Pakulski’s emphasis on a holistic approach underscores his commitment to promoting sustainable and effective fitness practices.

Ben Pakulski’s influence extends beyond the realm of bodybuilding, reaching a global audience through his online presence, podcast, and collaborations with other fitness experts. As a sought-after speaker and educator, Pakulski has shared stages with industry leaders, further solidifying his impact on the fitness community. His ability to bridge the gap between scientific principles and practical application has made him a relatable and trusted figure for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

While physical training is a crucial aspect of Ben Pakulski’s philosophy, he also places significant importance on mindset and motivation. Through his content and interactions, Pakulski encourages individuals to cultivate a positive and resilient mindset, recognising that mental fortitude is a key component of achieving fitness goals. His motivational messages resonate with audiences, inspiring them to overcome challenges and pursue their fitness aspirations.

Ben Pakulski’s journey from a young athlete in Canada to a renowned bodybuilder and fitness expert is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the pursuit of excellence. Beyond his impressive physique, Pakulski’s contributions to the fitness industry through innovative training methodologies, educational initiatives, and a holistic approach to health have left an indelible mark. As he continues to inspire and educate, Ben Pakulski stands as a beacon of transformation, empowering individuals to sculpt not only their muscles but also a healthier and more resilient version of themselves.


00:00 | Trailer
02:51 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:38 | Brian’s introduction
04:19 | Ben Pakulski loves multicultural London
06:25 | There’s more to life than this
12:21 | Using fitness as an escape
15:44 | Training in the gym is unconscious effort, so create different avatars
22:59 | Training in the gym as an antidepressant
28:46 | When Ben discovered Yoga and how it changed him
39:41 | If I can’t, I must
43:13 | Why Ben advocates focussing on the basics of breath, meditation and walking
51:11 | Heart rate variability, what it is and how it relates to the parasympathetic and sympathetic
56:31 |Fasting and food
1:03:05 | The three important things when exercising for muscle
1:11:49 | | Why gratitude is important to Ben
1:14:36 | How he works with his intuition
1:16:28 | What excites him most about human optimisation in the next 5 years
1:23:07 | Success secrets
1:23:45 | Ben’s daily routine
1:25:40 | Ben’s superpower
1:26:57 | The best and worst days of his life
1:30:59 | What scares Ben
1:33:51 | What we would be surprised to learn about Ben Pakulski
1:36:02 | What keeps him awake at night
1:38:52 | What his epitaph will say
1:41:03 | Telephone call to the 20 years old Ben Pakulski
1:42:39 | Best advice he ever received
1:44:06 | Advice to the 20 years old listening
1:45:57 | The irony of life is that sometimes your biggest curse is your biggest blessing, but you get to choose
1:48:37 | Brian’s summing up.


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