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Ben Mincu - MultiversX: Reimagining The Entire Spectrum Of Human Experiences


Co-Founder & CEO of MultiversX

On today’s studio livestream, we welcome back to London Real a man who without exaggeration is boldly leading the world towards a true metaverse. A virtual world that will change the way we live, work and play in ways that remain hard to imagine.

Beniamin Mincu is a technology entrepreneur, investor and blockchain pioneer, considered by many in the cryptosphere to be a visionary with the determination to not only grow the whole sector but also create the kind of freedom and work-life opportunities for people from every corner of the planet.

Romanian by birth, Beniamin has spent the last decade immersing himself in blockchain technology, making shrewd and calculated investments in early-stage startups as well as working with more established business models to help deliver the exponential growth we’ve previously witnessed in crypto and DeFi.

Beniamin was the co-founder of the Elrond Network, a blockchain protocol that focused effort, capital and energy on solving the fundamental challenge facing blockchain networks – transaction speed.

In November of last year Elrond rebranded as MukltiversX, reflecting a growing trend toward metaverse development, and in doing so became something of a North Star in a constantly evolving technological landscape.

“We were thinking about where the technology might be in 10 or 20 years time and what are some of the fundamental applications that we’re going to be talking about.”

Beniamin explains that MultiversX is essentially a set of products, tools and experiences that he believes will drastically improve our lives, while complementing but not replacing what you already have and love.

Beniamin sees a seamless merger between the physical world and the virtual, an intersection that will bridge the gap, allowing users to experiment with applications and in doing so create a world of new opportunities and experiences.

“This entire point we believe is very accurately captured in the idea of not the metaverse but rather the Multiverse.”

Ben believes we’ll discover many ways in which these new worlds will enrich our lives, and at MultiversX, he and his team are building the base layer infrastructure, a network of interoperable tools that will impact and enrich every area of our lives, be it finance, entertainment, education and everything in between.

As part of its new transformation, MultiversX has launched three new metaverse-based products: xFabric, xPortal, and xWorlds.

Beniamin suggests we may now be exploring new frontiers, where these tools are ready to enable applications to be built that completely reimagine previously complex and outdated systems in the physical world.

Beniamin explains that we should think about blockchains as a new type of computer but with a few novel primitives like cryptographic guarantees, transparency and deterministic programmable contracts. When you throw AI into the mix, well a world of boundless opportunities arise.

Beniamin’s ultimate goal is to bring the next 1 billion people into the blockchain space by creating a user-friendly and deeply fulfilling experience that doesn’t require a degree in rocket science. Beniamin believes all of us at some point will find ourselves operating, working, creating and experiencing our lives in the metaverse.

The way we live, work and play is already undergoing a shift the likes of which the world has never seen before, and with such rapid change and growth comes enormous opportunity. An opportunity that Beniamin believes is and will continue to be, open to everyone, anywhere.

“There will be so many applications and so many people building that this is how the metaverse and the interplay between the physical world and the virtual will unfold.”

Beniamin is a serious player, never for one moment standing still or admiring his work. His enthusiasm is contagious and his determination to be at the forefront of Web3 and blockchain technology unwavering. But, he takes this responsibility seriously. Beniamin is motivated by fairness and transparency, he imagines a world that is open to all, where everybody’s life experience can be elevated.

I can’t wait for this one. Tune in, share the link and get ready to have your eyes opened.

“This is a boundless imaginative space. Somewhere you don’t have the limits that you inherit in the physical world.”

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  2. Building bridges for growth
  3. Our breakthrough in blockchain 2FA security
  4. How blockchain transforms truth on and off the web
  5. Nurturing the metaverse
  6. MultiversX – A blockchain revolution
  7. On the path to progress
  8. Living in the opportunity renaissance
  9. How MultiversX makes blockchain simpler with AI
  10. The acceleration approach – Adding tech for better problem-solving
  11. The growth blueprint
  12. MultiversX – Outshining nations’ GDPs
  13. From hell to milestones that make history
  14. From chaos to clarity
  15. Ben Mincu’s mantra – Build, grow, accelerate for a different world


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