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Ben Mincu - Building Transparent Decentralised Financial Services That Bring Freedom & Opportunities For All


Co-Founder & CEO of Elrond

Today’s guest is a man with bold ambitions, and if the work he and his team has done over the last twelve months is anything to go by, that business trajectory is only likely to accelerate in the very near future.

Beniamin Mincu is a technology entrepreneur, investor and blockchain pioneer, considered by many in the cryptosphere to be a visionary with the determination to not only grow the whole sector but also create the kind of financial freedom and work-life opportunities for people from every corner of the planet.

Romanian by birth, Beniamin has spent the last decade immersing himself in blockchain technology, making shrewd and calculated investments in early-stage startups as well as working with more established business models to help deliver the exponential growth we’ve witnessed in crypto and DeFi.

His greatest achievement, however, has come as co-founder of the Elrond Network, a blockchain protocol that has focused effort, capital and energy on solving the puzzle that has provided the greatest challenge to crypto and DeFi adoption and scalability – transaction speed.

Elrond uses a unique sharding mechanism that has enabled the platform to execute as many as 15,000 transactions per second, whilst simultaneously negating the performance problems that have plagued their predecessors.

Beniamin has little time for rivals and competition, instead preferring to focus on a deeply held desire to match the heightening expectations of an ever changing world.

Beniamin’s ultimate goal is to bring the next 1 billion people into the cryptospace by creating a user-friendly experience and simplifying requirements so that anyone in the world can interact with this technology.

The way we live, work and play is already undergoing a shift the likes of which the world has never seen before, and with such rapid change and growth comes enormous opportunity. An opportunity that Beniamin believes is and will continue to be, open to everyone, anywhere.

To facilitate this, Beniamin and his team have recently launched the Maiar Decentralised Exchange, a digital wallet and global payments app and to kickstart the mainstream adoption rally, a $1.29 Billion USD liquidity mining incentive program that Elrond hope will lay the foundation for a truly global financial system.

Beniamin is a fascinating guy with a contagious enthusiasm and genuine desire to spark lasting change, which is one of the key reasons Elrond has seen such rapid growth. Beniamin is determined to provide opportunities in places where none have previously existed and encourages all who listen to get onboard now and take advantage of what remains a burgeoning space.

If you’re keen to take advantage of these opportunities and increase your earning power as we head into a brand new year, then take some time to consider joining my DeFi Academy. I’ve just welcomed a whole host of enthusiastic and passionate students all looking to take advantage of this huge technological shift that is taking place, and my next course is now open for applications.

DeFi and the blockchain will completely revolutionise the way we as consumers understand and interact with our money.

It is the reason why my team and I are going all-in and plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, investing in and profiting from this exciting new marketplace.

So make sure you lock in your spot now and be part of The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History.

After all as Beniamin himself reminds us,

“Blockchain technology will open an era of unparalleled opportunity.”

Make sure you take your seat at the table.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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