Watch > Episode > Ben Armstrong (AKA BitBoy Crypto) - Is DeFi Now Unstoppable? How The Growth Of Crypto Is Powering A New Financial Revolution

Ben Armstrong (AKA BitBoy Crypto) - Is DeFi Now Unstoppable? How The Growth Of Crypto Is Powering A New Financial Revolution


Wealth Coach, Investor & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

DeFi or Decentralised Finance is going to revolutionise the concept of money for billions of people around the world, giving ‘ordinary’ citizens the financial freedom they deserve.

This process will create what I am calling The Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History leading to countless opportunities to create huge financial gains through innovative and value-added decentralised financial services.

This will free up $9 Trillion per year that the current financial system squeezes out of hard-working people through hidden fees, costs and margins.

This is why my team and I are going “all in” on this technology and infrastructure and plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and transforming this exciting new marketplace.

A major part of that transformation is as mentioned education, and a huge part of my education in recent years has come from the incredible conversations I have had on London Real with a range of experts from political figures and authors to comedians and sports stars, people with incredible stories or knowledge gained through experience and had work.

This is why I’m truly excited to be joined by today’s guest Ben Armstrong. Ben Armstrong also known as Bitboy Crypto to his legion of devoted followers – make that over 1 million subscribers on his Youtube channel of the same name – is widely considered one of the pre-eminent voices in the fluctuating world of cryptocurrency.

Ben is a Wealth Coach, Investor and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast who balances a unique blend of education and entertainment to help bridge the widening chasm between the mainstream world and its crypto counterpart. Which is strange when you consider as Ben himself puts it, that,

“The traditional financial world is dying. If people do not see this change coming, they will be blindsided and put themselves and families at financial risk.”

With many traditional financial institutions on the brink, it’s never been more important for people to get educated, not only to protect their future, but to actually prosper and experience economic freedom.

Ben has dedicated his life to the challenge, to break down crypto and decentralized finance in a way that makes it easy for non-crypto centric folk to understand. Yes, I’m talking to you!

In 2012 Ben was one of the few, a small group of savvy or lucky investors who jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon and became millionaires in the making. If only life was so simple. Ben lost money in those early days, inexperience and bad luck led him down an all too familiar path, rookie mistakes are common in the world of crypto.

His response? To get informed, to read and then read some more, learn about the market cycles and… To teach others not to make the same mistakes he did.

Ben now has over 5 million total followers across all platforms, more than any other personality in the crypto field. He posts videos daily and has a dedicated news site to update his subscribers on all the latest crypto news. He’s a one stop shop for incredible advice and insight.

I’m really looking forward to this conversation and I’m sure you’ll get so much out of it, especially if you’re just starting your journey into the crypto markets. So join us as we discuss Bitcoin both now and in the future, why Ethereum is set to follow in Bitcoins footsteps, and why getting into DeFi now is like investing in Bitcoin circa 2012. Whatever your approach, big or small Ben has some advice on where to invest your money and what to expect.


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