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Aubrey De Grey - How To Live Forever


Aubrey de Grey is a true frontiersman, daring to push out against what seems the most natural and unstoppable forces of nature – ageing. He’s not just another voice though, he’s a scientist and identifies ageing as a disease, one that can be cured with the right medicine. His work calls for serious scientific exploration of what causes tissue to age and to then find solutions to those components – what he calls the roadmap to defeat biological ageing. In fact, he believes that the first humans who will live to be 1,000 years old are already alive today!

Ageing, and indeed death, are some of the most colossal challenges to humanity biologically and philosophically. De Grey himself, of course, has caused plenty of controversy with his views. Despite, however, a $20,000 prize to disprove the worthiness of de Grey’s studies (put up by himself and MIT and de Grey’s own foundation) his work still stands, capturing the imagination of molecular biologists and the public alike.

We’re excited this week to welcome him to London Real. With his impressive beard and extensive knowledge on the subject we’re in for something special.

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