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Watch > Episode > Arthur Breitman - How To Build A Transparent DeFi System That Will Bring Freedom & Opportunities

Arthur Breitman - How To Build A Transparent DeFi System That Will Bring Freedom & Opportunities


Co-Founder of Tezos

The cryptocurrency space and the realm of decentralised finance continue transforming at an exponential rate – on what feels at times like a minute-by-minute basis. What is possible and what can be achieved is hard to quantify given the levels of innovation and pace of development we’ve witnessed so far.

What is crucial to our experience in many different walks of life, is our ability to zoom out, to look at the bigger picture and make considered and well-informed decisions based on having access to the right information.

Today’s guest is certainly a man who does just that and has been looking at the big picture for almost a decade. Arthur Breitman is a former research engineer and quantitative analyst turned cryptocurrency entrepreneur, who alongside his wife Kathleen founded the original Ethereum killer – Tezos.

It was back in 2014 that, having spent a great deal of time studying Bitcoin and the machinations of Satoshi’s whitepaper, Arthur proposed his own thesis based on the challenging dynamics of decentralisation and its relationship to protocol governance.

For this reason and many more, Tezos made a big splash on the crypto scene. In fact, their initial coin offering back in 2017 raised $232 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum and was one of the first projects to incorporate proof-of-stake. It was the reason why Tezos truly was earmarked as the blockchain project of the future.

Tezos is an open-source platform for assets and applications that can evolve by upgrading itself. Stakeholders govern upgrades to the core protocol, including upgrades to the amendment process itself.

Being at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation also brings with it challenges and Arthur alongside his wife have encountered many, but remain undeterred in their determination to lead the race when it comes to smart contract success.

They have worked continuously to educate and inspire the next wave of visionaries and over the last twelve months have seen huge adoption in both the NFT and DeFi space. Gap and McLaren are just two of the major players that have chosen Tezos as the landing ground for their digital collectable items.

The governance model Tezos has adopted puts longevity and evolution at its core, which is why perhaps in 2022 we can expect a resurgence in interest and adoption on this platform. Arthur is playing the long game and he knows only too well the power of patience.

As Arthur himself puts it,

“The idea with Tezos was to build a cryptocurrency and smart contract platform which had formal governance at its core, allowing the users of the platform to decide how it should evolve.”

DeFi and Blockchain will completely revolutionise the way we as consumers understand and interact with our money. It is a chance to create Financial Freedom and be a part of something, to engineer a better and more inclusive future for billions of people around the world.

I’m looking for partners, collaborators, and colleagues who want to join forces with us and create real value and generational wealth. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss and exactly the reason why I created the DeFi Academy in the first place. Now is the time to get educated, find mentorship, and trade with a community you can trust.

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  1. I knew I’ll be in finance since I was seven.
  2. There’s a lot of secret high tech in finance.
  3. Working with Sergey Brin.
  4. I won’t bet against Elon Musk.
  5. The best money is backed by nothing.
  6. Bitcoin is just a ledger.
  7. Proof of stake vs proof of work.
  8. Will there be a multi-chain world?
  9. People would just not pay attention to Tezos.
  10. Raising money for Tezos.
  11. No one cared about Tezos.
  12. This guy was a crazy sociopath!
  13. The mainstream media charade.
  14. He was just hammering us in the press.
  15. 2020 was our worst year.
  16. For many years I was pushing rope.
  17. NFTs will evolve into something bigger.
  18. NFTs and the future of gaming.
  19. Tezos needs to flourish in the next 5 years.
  20. Can AI really hurt humanity?
  21. We don’t need to colonize Mars.
  22. Take more risks when you’re young.
  23. Morgan Stanley vs Goldman Sachs.
  24. Learn the basics of economics.
  25. Don’t try to triple your money in 1 year.
  26. Crypto is not really investing.
  27. The basic laws of finance still apply to crypto too.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:56 | Brian’s introduction.
03:46 | What attracted Arthur Breitman to leave France for New York and NYU.
06:04 | The influences on his career choice.
10:58 | What he learned from his time on Wall Street.
13:42 | The transparency of the blockchain in comparison to the secrecy of high finance.
16:48 | Moving on from Wall Street to the world of AI.
19:21 | Arthur’s time in California working on the complications of self-driving cars.
31:02 | Why high frequency trading helps humanity.
32:03 | The journey Arthur Breitman’s early interest in the blockchain and crypto took him on.
38:41 | Explanation of a fork, the problem of hard forking and beginning to formulate Tezos in his mind.
46:24 | Definitions of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake and why Arthur favours the latter.
48:57 | What Arthur thinks will be the result of the level one wars.
54:55 | Insights from the insanely bumpy ride of his Tezos venture since 2015.
1:21:35 | How Arthur and his wife Kathleen kept sane during this crazy time.
1:24:15 | How the situation was resolved and the role of the Press in the whole situation.
1:32:31 | Problems in 2021 for Tezos despite the market cap.
1:41:25 | Arthur Breitman’s views on the NFT phenomenon and their future in art, clubs and gaming.
1:58:28 | The future for the open metaverse from a gaming perspective.
2:03:30 | Kathleen’s part in Tezos.
2:04:44 | Where he would like to lead Tezos in the future.
2:09:37 | People do not yet understand how important GPT3 open neural network is.
1:22:26 | Phone call to the 20 year old Arthur Breitman.
2:24:36 | Best advice he ever received.
2:26:08 | What it was like working for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.
2:30:40 | Advice to the 20 year old listening.
2:34:29 | Coping with market fluctuations and learning from traders’ past mistakes.
2:50:57 | How to learn more about Tezos and Arthur Breitman.
2:52:05 | Brian’s summing up.


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