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Watch > Episode > Arash Mike Moghaddas - An Immigrant Mind

Arash Mike Moghaddas - An Immigrant Mind


Wireless entrepreneur, martial artist, and all-around cool dude Arash “Mike” Moghaddas drops by to discuss the current state of mobile phone technology, how 90-100% of consumer electronics are produced in China and why that will not change, the concept of fostering “An Immigrant Mind” in the workplace and all aspects of life, and how martial arts put him on the path to meditation, self-discovery, and mental strength.


“The only company that’s not there is Apple, they’re like screw you guys, come to us.” – Mike (01:40)

“They say Copy, Learn, Master. First you copy products for cheap, then you learn how to make then, then you master and innovate new stuff.” – Mike (04:50)

“I was listening to a Sony MP3 player when the planes went into the World Trade Center.” – Brian (10:33)

“You get a baseline of users and once you hit 100 million people, the more games sold, the more Sony makes.” – MIke (17:25)

“The value of an SMS is that you get instant gratification of sending the emotions you feel at that time to someone.” – Mike (25:33)

“You and I talk about the concept of ‘An Immigrant Mind’. You’re an immigrant, I’m an immigrant, if people think about it they’re probably immigrants too in the world or a few generations removed.” – Brian (29:04)

“After a while you become a world citizen with a flavour of my background and culture…I think the issues are global.”- Mike (34:10)

“You look at Foxconn and you look at a country like China, you take Beijing and you just drive an hour out, you’re in almost the 11th Century. it’s all richshaw and huts, people live on like a dollar a day.” – Mike (42:42)

“Where as an immigrant there’s no sense or what if, you roll up you sleeves until you get over to the next step. To create that mentality to learn of that sense of no ego, nothing to lose and let’s do it.” – Mike (51:32)

“As an immigrant you come in and you think I can do this better than the locals, better than the Briish.” – Brian (55:20)

“Musashi – Once you know the Way broadly, you will see it in everything.” – Brian (1:05:14)
“I went to a Judo club and I learned something, I found my friends there, it opened the door to philosophy, I started mediating there, I managed fear, I got better and mentally stronger.” – Mike (1:06:20)


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