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Watch > Episode > Antoni Trenchev - Bitcoin Bear Market: Nexo Co-Founder Talks About How To Survive The Crypto Selloff

Antoni Trenchev - Bitcoin Bear Market: Nexo Co-Founder Talks About How To Survive The Crypto Selloff


Co-Founder of

Today’s guest is in many ways testimony to just how far the cryptocurrency and the decentralised finance spaces have developed in the last few years. At London Real, we’ve brought you interviews with people from all over the world, experts, in so many different areas.

We’ve witnessed innovators that are transforming the blockchain, people who espoused the virtues of Bitcoin over a decade ago, and financial thought leaders who are innovating in this revolutionary new marketplace.

What we’ve seen and I’ve been talking to you about for several months now is the huge opportunity that lies in front of us. Things that took Wall Street ten years to develop have been happening in ten months and less. The rate of growth and innovation is unbelievable and is only increasing!

We’re looking at a financial revolution, a complete overhaul of the systems and strategies that have for so long benefitted the few and left the many out in the cold. Antoni Trenchev is a former law student, politician, hedge fund manager, fintech investor and all-around crypto enthusiast come DeFi pioneer and co-founder of the world’s leading regulated institution for digital assets, Nexo.

Antoni has as you can tell, lived a rich and varied life, studying, philosophising, investigating and innovating. He was born in Germany but later took Bulgarian citizenship, where motivated by strong held beliefs and ideals he ran for parliament, making the grade and using his many years of experience studying law, to push hard for changes to the steadfast systems which offer little to the masses.

Even then in 2014, he campaigned for legislation to enable blockchain solutions for a variety of government services, from e-voting to the storage of databases. He was keenly aware of the potential positive impact the digitisation of information and of course money could have on society.

He spent time managing his own hedge fund, and was the CIO of the largest fashion retailer in Bulgaria, MDL Ltd., before diving deep into decentralisation by co-founding and now managing Nexo, a forward-thinking, sophisticated platform that offers instant crypto loans and provides on the spot access to cash while allowing users to maintain ownership of their digital assets.

In making this move, Nexo is bridging the gap between the traditional financial landscape and the world of cryptocurrency and Defi. It’s a bold step and one that comes with much scrutiny. Regulation is the watchword right now, and while many of us wonder what position the SEC will take, and the impact it will have, remember, it is largely thanks to companies like Nexo, that DeFi will grow exponentially.

By inviting regulators to the table and opening the conversation, Antoni and his team are making strides that are quite simply bringing crypto into the mainstream. And, by offering traditional banking services on the blockchain, they are creating new value and use cases and furthermore incorporating so much of the innovation we’ve seen from developers.

DeFi and the blockchain will completely revolutionise the way we as consumers understand and interact with our money. It is a chance to create Financial Freedom and be a part of something, to engineer a better and more inclusive future for billions of people around the world.

My team and I have decided to go “ALL IN” on Decentralised Finance and my DeFi Academy is where I plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and transforming this exciting new marketplace.

I’m looking for partners, collaborators, and colleagues who want to join forces with us and create real value and generational wealth. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss and if you still feel unsure or overwhelmed by the sheer weight of information, then please tune in and join me and Antoni as we take a deep dive into the cryptosphere, and look at the possibilities, plaudits, reasons and ramifications.

Antoni is an incredibly engaging character. He’s passionate and articulate and understands everything there is to know about what opportunities lie ahead. He welcomes regulation to help inform the structure of this exciting new world. He encourages institutional adoption as a way to grow the space, and create more momentum. Most of all he believes in change for the better, and hope for the many.

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  1. Will London be a major blockchain scene?
  2. What does Nexo do?
  3. How is Nexo different from the competition?
  4. The DeFi summer was massive
  5. Are we on a fool’s gold rush with crypto?
  6. The banks will adopt crypto
  7. Are stablecoins securities?
  8. In politics the best ideas don’t always win
  9. Can we finance NFTs?
  10. BTC and institutions
  11. The Cardano Effect
  12. See who the leaders are and follow them
  13. Raising capital for Nexo
  14. The earlier you get in the better
  15. Bitcoin will break $100,000


00:00 | Trailer.
02:30 | Brian’s introduction.
03:45 | London’s involvement with crypto.
08:18 | What Nexo does and what differentiates it from other Blockchain companies.
11:57 | How Nexo is different to a Coinbase or an Aave or a Binance.
15:46 | Is Nexo a decentralised or a centralised finance company?
19:42 | Where Nexo customers are based.
21:15 | Was the mass explosion in decentralised swaps in 2020 beneficial to Nexo?
24:06 | The challenges of product regulation: why the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) want to sue Coinbase.
36:33 | Why does Gary Gensler consider Stablecoins as a security?
41:50 | The possible worst and best regulation outcomes.
46:33 | Antoni Trenchev’s view on the frustration of politics.
53:38 | What is the attraction of NFTs?
1:01:40 | Antoni’s thoughts on Michael Saylor, CEO of a public company, putting $500,000,000 of Bitcoin on his balance sheet.
1:05:30 | Will Cardano supersede Ethereum?
1:09:17 | Antoni Trenchev is watching Solana with interest.
1:12:01 | Nexo did not start with venture capitalist backing, Antoni Trenchev’s views on VC backing.
1:20:43 | Antoni Trenchev’s advice to those who have not so far bought into xrypto.
1:23:18 | His Bitcoin predictions and the possibility of another bear market.
1:28:47 | How to learn more about Nexo and Antoni Trenchev.
1:30:41 | Brian’s summing up.


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