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Watch > Episode > Andrew Bustamante - CIA Spy: The Truth About Israel & Hamas With Iran’s Secret Agenda

Andrew Bustamante - CIA Spy: The Truth About Israel & Hamas With Iran’s Secret Agenda


Ex-CIA Covert Intel Officer & Founder of EverydaySpy

After seven weeks of intense conflict, a significant development has emerged in Israel: a ceasefire agreement has been reached. This pivotal moment in the war allows humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza. Reports also indicate the release of hostages on both sides, marking a significant step towards peace. This ceasefire brings a much-needed respite from the violence, offering a glimmer of hope for civilians affected by the conflict.

At London Real, we’re committed to delving deep into critical issues. We engage with experts and insiders to uncover the nuances of global events. That’s why we’re excited to have Andrew Bustamante, a renowned figure in intelligence and security, join us for today’s livestream.

Andrew Bustamante, a former CIA intelligence officer and decorated US Air Force combat veteran, has a remarkable history. He’s an author, an award-winning speaker, and has spent a significant part of his career in covert operations. His duties included pursuing adversaries, thwarting terrorist plots, and gathering foreign intelligence.

Before joining the CIA, Andrew served in the US Air Force, where he achieved a historic milestone as the youngest officer to command 200 nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. His tenure in the Air Force, marked by high-level security clearance and commendable service, set the stage for his next career move.

A surprising invitation led Andrew to the CIA Headquarters in Langley. Initially skeptical, he underwent rigorous interviews and psychological evaluations before joining the world’s leading foreign intelligence agency, tasked with safeguarding US national security.

During his seven-year tenure with the CIA, Andrew honed his skills in disguise, human behavior analysis, and operating in hostile environments. His experiences offer invaluable insights into the human psyche, making his story not only fascinating but also educational.

Andrew’s expertise extends beyond intelligence operations. He’s well-versed in understanding global dynamics and the complex interplay of various actors on the world stage. His time spent in diverse environments, skillfully blending in and extracting information, lends him a unique perspective on international affairs.

Andrew’s insights are particularly relevant today, as the world grapples with challenges like the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the recent developments in Israel. He provides clear analysis of these situations, including the intricate conflict between Israel and Hamas and the larger geopolitical implications involving Iran.

Andrew’s analysis suggests that Iran’s actions, influenced by Israel’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, have significantly impacted regional dynamics. He posits that Hamas, supported by Iran, is a strategic tool in this larger geopolitical game, affecting relationships between regional powers like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

As we explore these complex issues in greater depth, Andrew’s expertise will shed light on the current truce and hostage release, offering a deeper understanding of the long-term implications. His ability to unravel complex geopolitical situations makes him an invaluable guest on our show.

Don’t miss this enlightening discussion with Andrew Bustamante on London Real. Share the link with friends and family, and join us in this important conversation to explore various perspectives and seek the truth about these challenging global issues.

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  1. Did you know the attack on Israel was going to happen?
  2. I was absolutely impressed with Hamas
  3. Hamas used a very strategic military tactic
  4. This was a targeted play against Israel
  5. Is there a solution to the war in Israel
  6. Does anyone really care about the Palestinians?
  7. Will Biden back away from supporting the war in Ukraine?
  8. Are you surprised to see the right come into power?
  9. How will the 2024 US Elections play out?
  10. Should we be scared of AI?
  11. The US needs to stop policing the world
  12. How attaining wealth opens a world of endless possibiliities
  13. My goal is to speak as much truth as possible
  14. Andrew Bustamante’s bottom line on UFOs


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