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Alessio Rastani - Money Never Sleeps


Stock Trader Alessio Rastani drops by London Real to talk about why Goldman Sachs rules the world, how most traders let their egos interfere with their positions, why George Soros is always right, and how whenever people are excited about a stock there is definitely something wrong.


“The is the only fucking guy who actually spoke the truth about trading.” – Brian (2:00)

“Almost every other financial analyst who comes on BBC or Fox says the same old garbage.” – Alessio (03:11)

“I’m looking at this crisis as an opportunity and I was looking to make money from it and I thought everyone else should join in.” – Alessio (3:40)

“I thought it wasn’t controversial, I thought everything knows what I said is true.” – Alessio (04:17)

“There are three main things that I said that shocked people.” – Alessio (06:21)

“The governments don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs really rules the world.” – Alessio (06:50)

“I don’t think of myself as a hero, I’m just an ordinary trader.” – Alessio (09:57)

“It doesn’t have to involve any conspiracy, banks do rule the world in one sense.” – Alessio (14:07)

“The American manure smells much better than the European manure.” – Alessio (19:44)

“Are there things that our viewers can do to protect themselves from the upcoming recession?” – Brian (21:22)

“There are traders who make predictions and stick to those predictions no matter what because they have their big egos.” – Alessio (21:58)

“The only thing that’s right, the only thing that’s always right, are the markets.” – Alessio (22:38)

“It’s not human to do what he’s saying. The stop-loss order is not human.” – Brian (24:37)

“Basically you’re saying you should assemble a team of Buddhist monks to run a hedge fund.” – Nic (26:07)

“Gordon Gekko said, ‘Never get emotional about stock.'” – Brian (26:34)

“One thing I learned from George Soros who said he never had any attachments to any of his positions.” – Alessio (26:49)

“In fighting, in Jiu-Jitsu it’s exactly the same, it’s being able to take your ego out of the equation .” – Nic (27:58)

“Let’s go to Facebook, probably the most hated stock in Wall Street.” – Alessio (30:58)
“I’ve made a rule now, whenever people are excited about a stock there is definitely something wrong.” – Alessio (32:31)


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