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Alan Dershowitz - The Real Truth Behind The Israel-Hamas War


Professor at Harvard Law School for 50 Years

Attention has understandably shifted to Gaza since the atrocities of October 7. In the weeks since, violence has erupted, and the combination of marches, protests, mixed narratives, and disinformation in the media has created a confusing picture.

It goes without saying that no one wants to see innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. In the age of the internet, the harsh realities of war are more apparent than ever. The world is in a fractious state, seemingly stumbling from one crisis to another.

At times like this, conversations and understanding of all perspectives are crucial for any hope of a peaceful resolution to the ongoing tragedy affecting both Israelis and Palestinians.

This is why I’m grateful to welcome today’s guest back to the show. We aim to gain his unfiltered perspective on recent events and a deeper understanding of international laws of war, and why the conflict in Gaza might continue or, in the worst case, escalate further.

Alan Dershowitz is a famed lawyer, author, and political commentator. He has built a career as one of the most sought-after legal minds, representing a mix of clients ranging from OJ Simpson and Jeffrey Epstein to Mike Tyson, Julian Assange, and Donald Trump.

In fact, Alan’s commitment to ensuring that all citizens, regardless of background, have access to counsel and due process has earned him the reputation as one of the “most distinguished defenders of individual rights” and “the top lawyer of last resort.”

Additionally, Alan spent nearly 50 years teaching at Harvard Law School, becoming the youngest law professor to be granted tenure in the university’s history.

His career path became clear in the late 1960s when he began representing students facing expulsion for protesting the Vietnam War, soon joining the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

He took on high-profile cases, including successfully appealing actor Harry Reems’ 1976 conviction for conspiracy to distribute pornography. As a leading performer in the adult film ‘Deep Throat‘, this case was particularly notable.

Perhaps most significantly, in 1995, Alan joined the defense team for OJ Simpson, charged with the brutal murder of his wife and her friend. This trial, one of the most closely watched in American history, still attracts significant attention and scrutiny.

Along the way, Alan has worked with Julian Assange’s defense team and represented Jeffrey Epstein. Notably, he has consistently taken on 50% of his cases pro bono, aiding clients who cannot afford representation or face extreme and unjust circumstances.

Alan famously joined Donald Trump’s legal team for the former president’s impeachment trial, arising from Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. Since then, Alan has frequently commented on Trump’s legal challenges, describing them as the “most significant threat to civil liberties since McCarthyism.”

Alan’s latest book, ‘War Against the Jews: How to End Hamas Barbarism,’ addresses the October 7th attack and Israel’s response. He explores how these events change the dynamic between Israel and the United States, particularly regarding direct American intervention.

Alan argues that the attack and subsequent responses have altered the landscape. He believes that Israel’s deterrence capabilities have been weakened, emboldening its enemies to intensify their efforts to destroy the state and its citizens.

He contends that an imposed ceasefire will not save lives; rather, it may result in more casualties in the long run. The potential for Iranian involvement in escalating the conflict could have serious repercussions.

This is an important conversation! The roots and nuances of the Israel-Hamas war are complex, and understanding them is challenging for many Westerners. Be sure to tune in and share the link widely.

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