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Dr Ben Goertzel - AI Wars: Google's Bard Takes On OpenAI's ChatGPT


Cognitive Scientist, A.I. Researcher and CEO & Founder of SingularityNET

Dr. Ben Goertzel is a cross-disciplinary scientist, futurist, author, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to creating benevolent superhuman artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Ben is credited with popularizing the term AGI in mainstream thinking and explores the potential of various fields, including natural language processing, cognitive science, data mining, machine learning, computational finance, bioinformatics, virtual worlds, and gaming. His mission is to incorporate AI into areas like medicine, blockchain, robotics, media, finance, arts, music, and more.

As Google’s response to ChatGPT – Bard, burst onto the scene to take a little bit of wind out of OpenAI’s sails, there are concerns that this only heightens the level of competition to a point that will see something resembling an AI race or war if you like.

Let’s bear in mind that competition will only serve to see this technology grow faster and stronger in a shorter period of time. Should we be worried? Well the short answer is yes. Particularly if you listen to some of the very same people who are responsible for unleashing this technology on society.

Just recently we’ve seen Sam Altman on something resembling a campaign trail, extolling the virtues of AI while at the same time imploring Congress to come up with something resembling regulation and quickly. Meanwhile, ex Google CEO Eric Schmidt claims AI and even ChatGPT posed an “existential threat” that could kill or harm many people. And, of course Elon Musk threw his two cents in the mix predicting future drone wars might be the outcome of the AI battle for supremacy.

Well, fear not, our favourite AI guru, Ben Goertzel returns to allay all of our concerns and help us make sense of exactly what is happening in the world of AI.

While acknowledging the risks involved in building machines capable of surpassing human intelligence, Ben emphasizes that a more likely concern is the misuse of AI by selfish individuals to exert control and greed over others. It’s a fascinating conundrum that Ben has spent considerable time contemplating.

Ben firmly believes that our focus should be on building AI systems that contribute to a more compassionate, just, and sustainable world. This conversation with Ben marks the beginning of a series where we will delve deep into the major talking points in AI development and provide a clearer understanding of what the future holds. Ben’s brilliant mind and vast knowledge will shed light on these important issues and help you gain a better understanding.

“Humans and AGIs should move onward together into the next era. They should do this while helping each other with their knowledge, practical capability, and values. The most sensible route forward involves developing open AGIs that are of service to humanity and creating appropriate governance and training methodologies as we progress.”


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  2. The open-source community will beat big tech
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  4. Is OpenAI working on ChatGPT-5?
  5. Google’s AI team is run by hardcore AGI guys
  6. Can Zarqa beat big tech in the AGI race?
  7. Why open-source will always win
  8. Will next-gen AI run on crypto mining server farms?
  9. What’s the revenue model behind AI and AGI?
  10. AI regulation: good or bad?


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