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Adam Scorgie - The Culture High


Adam Scorgie is an independent filmmaker whose documentaries include “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High”, “I am Bruce Lee” and “The Good Son”. His latest feature “The Culture High” further investigates how the modern day prohibition of marijuana has a grasp on our society as a whole.

When I heard documentary filmmaker Adam Scorgie would be in London to film interviews for his follow up movie to “The Union:  The Business Behind Getting High” I knew we had to have him as a guest on London Real.  There are certain people that I feel must be on our show when they roll through London town, and if not it’s nothing less than tragic.  Guests in the same vain include Jason Silva, Immortal Technique, and Tim Ferriss.

Adam became famous when The Union broke through all expectations six years ago and became a cult favourite in the alternative and cannabis communities.  As I asked him during the interview he must have been terrified to film a sequel knowing the high expectations of millions of fans.

His solution is The Culture High which further investigates how the modern day prohibition of marijuana has a grasp on our society as a whole.  Adam is a very cool dude and the kind of guy you’d love to hang out with and have a few drinks.  But as he mentioned on the show, he’s not a big cannabis smoker, something I think a lot of fans will find surprising.  I think this is actually an asset because as a filmmaker with a message that gives him another layer of objectivity when he presents his case.

Most surprising moment:  When Adam talks about inheriting a Strip Club from his father in Canada and how he once was summoned before a full-on Biker Gand Tribuneral a la Sons of Anarchy.

Impressive Fact:  They raised $190,000 from Kickstarter to partially fund this film.

Tradecraft:  His director and DOP spend over 2 hours lighting each interview and film with two cameras in order to present fresh views throughout the film from the same subject.

It seems Adam and I have similar visions of which people have an engaging message.  When he was in London he interviewed former guests of London Real including Professor David Nutt  and Former Drug Smuggler Howard Marks  and we both ended up interviewing Former MI5 Agent turned Whistleblower Annie Machon one day apart!

I’ll be sitting front row with Adam for the UK premiere of The Culture High and we plan on doing anything we can to support him and his filmmaking.  This is truly one of the best things about London Real:  I get to meet certain individuals that I want to see succeed beyond all belief.  I hope I get to watch Adam accept an Academy Award someday for producing the Best Documentary.


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