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Watch > Episode > Jamie Burke - Outlier Ventures: The Worlds Most Active Web3 Investor

Jamie Burke - Outlier Ventures: The Worlds Most Active Web3 Investor


CEO & Founder of Outlier Ventures

Today’s guest ticks every box when talking about OG’s in the crypto industry. From early investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum to attending the first Bitcoin conference in Europe with little more than fifty or so attendees and then becoming an early founder who has very much led the way when it comes to building out the blockchain ecosystem.

Jamie Burke is a business leader, Web3 entrepreneur and investor who is the Founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures, widely recognised as the leading global Web3 accelerator and founder community, with a renowned reputation as the go-to authority for Web3 founders, investors and enterprise.

Jamie established Outlier Ventures in 2014 with the belief that decentralised technologies would introduce new paradigms for the web and create a more equitable and open economic system.

His deep knowledge and experience of the industry put him at the forefront of an investment landscape that spans various Web3 technologies as they converge with media, commerce and culture to lay the foundation for the Metaverse.

Outlier Ventures has gone on to become the leading global Web3 accelerator and investor (by volume) with a portfolio upwards of 220 startups from every region of the world across its Base Camp and Ascent programmes, helping raise over $350m in seed funding across its various accelerator programs.

These award-winning accelerator programs were launched back in 2019 to help empower innovators in Web3. Since then, Outlier Ventures has partnered with global industry leaders including APTOS, Filecoin / IPFS, Polygon, Polkadot and online luxury fashion retail platform FARFETCH.

Jamie and his team are on a mission to create an ecosystem that can onboard one billion users into an open and inclusive metaverse. To that end, Jamie is conscious of the pitfalls and challenges that stand in the way from issues around stablecoins, regulation and the future of crypto exchanges, to the importance of permissionless-ness in Web3.

Add to that the burgeoning influence of artificial intelligence and it’s clear why Jamie is so passionate about the what’s, why’s and how’s of this brave new world that we find ourselves on the cusp of.

Jamie is a bonafide pioneer in the Web3 space. He’s smart, open, passionate and committed all of which make him the perfect leader to move the industry forward. The work Outlier Ventures are doing is helping break new ground and I can’t wait to get stuck into everything from what the future of Web3 investment looks like, the realities of an open metaverse, the role of the UK as a leader in blockchain and of course what part A.I. has to play in all of this.

“We are focused on building out our vision of what is necessary for Web 3.0 to be successful – the Open Metaverse thesis. We are already supporting projects across the areas of NFTs & Gaming, DeFi, Infrastructure, Middleware, and Services.”


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  1. Visionary investing empowering founders to grow and scale
  2. Outlier Ventures’ strategic approach yields profits throughout market cycles
  3. Spotting promising startups in the early days of blockchain technology
  4. Transitioning from an incubator to an accelerator
  5. My goal is to enable as many Web3 founders as possible
  6. We speak to more founders than anyone else on the planet
  7. Do you have the founder grit?
  8. Exploring the inner workings of accelerating Web3 startups
  9. Getting startups to $30 Million valuations in just 2 months
  10. Web3 is the only way that artificial intellgience can scale
  11. How Web3 and A.I. will revolutionise every aspect of our lives
  12. Control and power struggles threaten the Open Metaverse
  13. Why Web3 is stuck in Web2.5
  14. Why digital property rights are key to a thriving digital economy
  15. Can politicians grasp and navigate the complexities of Web3
  16. What really makes a good founder?
  17. A year’s worth of progress in just 2 months


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