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Taylor Marie - Psychonaut


Taylor Marie is a Woman on a Journey. Upon hearing about Ayahuasca from Aubrey Marcus on the Joe Rogan Experience (sound familiar anyone? yes me too…) she immediately knew that this Psychedelic would at some point become part of her life. However she didn’t seek it out but less than three months later she was on a plane to Peru (despite her father’s best efforts with the local police to keep her from boarding that flight).

Since then she has become the epitome of a Psychonaut exploring all forms of Psychedelics from DMT to Ibogaine to Psilocybin mushrooms and more that has taken her on a journey from her native Toronto, Canada to Northern Wales in the UK and not to Peru to setup her own Alternative Healing Centre.

Much like me she’s not afraid to turn the cameras on and upload her thoughts to YouTube and soon became a sort of Cult Heroine in the Psychedelic community for her thoughtful and often cheeky confessions and observations. At 23 years of age I expect big and wonderful things from this young lady as she continues to explore her consciousness and encourages all of us to do the same.

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