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The lovely Sumayya Jamil joins us to discuss her passion for Pakistani cooking, how meals are a pivotal form of social interaction in Eastern cultures, the details of her five self-designed tattoos, the ups and downs of being a commercial lawyer, her definition of an Alpha-Female, the truth about political relations between the U.S. and Pakistan, and the ancient role that Islam played in the protection of women.


“To me food has always been a sensual experience…” – Sumayya (4:00)
“I was just looking for a protein-based meal that was gonna be somewhat healthy…” – Brian (9:35)
“I couldn’t think of something more horrible that to be a partner in a law firm.” – Sumayya (21:43)
“The older I get the more each one of them starts to make sense…” – Nic (26:29)
“I was just too assertive as a person and I needed someone to calm me down.” – Sumayya (34:46)
“…he takes it to a science, which is what food really is…” – Sumayya (46:26)
“Every single bite that I took of it I thought of a frog going ‘ribbit-ribbit’…” – Sumayya (50:15)
“They’re next door neighbours with the afghanis and they’re gonna have to have a working relationship with the taliban…” – Brian (52:24)


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