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Sonia Doubell - The Secret Bliss


The actress, journalist, yogi and entrepreneur Sonia Doubell joins us to talk about the importance of being present, her recent inspiration to drink the plant teacher Ayahuasca, incorporating meditation into your daily life, why she became a vegan, the use of yoga and the energy of one’s body, and how she thinks London Real is super cool.


“There’s no substitute with being with somebody else’s spirit.” – Sonia (02:48)

“A lot of people just don’t know how to be alone.” – Nic (05:05)

“I love being on my own.” – Sonia (05:43)

I was wondering if you could talk about you and Ayahuasca.” – Brian (07:01)

” is very passionate about Ayahuasca.” – Sonia (07:35)

“There was nothing going to stop me, 4 days later I was on a plane.” – Sonia (08:47)

“There’s so much that I’m wanting to feel, I really want to wake up.” – Sonia (09:14)

“At the time, we were kind of restless.” – Brian (11:30)

“The first night was hell for me, hell.” – Sonia (12:10)

“At 3 o’clock in the morning I crawled to bed, a shadow of my former self.” – Sonia (13:40)

“All the cells in your body do not want you to drink that again.” – Sonia (14:55)

“It was so beautiful, it was like the sweetest experience I could have ever had.” – Sonia (15:36)

“My dreams were insane.” – Sonia (16:29)

“Did you have family or friends that told you not to do this?” – Brian (17:33)

“To pass through the golden kingdom you have to get passed the troll at the gate.” – Sonia (18:17)

“Something shifted in your consciousness, something shifted in your physicality, and I felt that in a big way.” – Sonia (18:30)

“How you arrived at the point where you said, ‘I’m going to be a vegan?'” – Nic (21:33)

“When something is right you just know it.” – Sonia (28:02)

“Pay attention, you’re not an idiot, wake up.” – Sonia (29:35)

“There’s a shift towards just do it, just do it.” – Sonia (36:59)

“Is that an American accent you just put on?” – Brian (41:01)

“Children are clever and wise and beautiful…and they get it.” – Sonia (45:54)

“God we’re amazing, we’re amazing!” – Sonia (46:39)

“I’m writing the pages of my book and I’m proud of them because somehow I can make a difference.” – Sonia (50:21)

“You need to take a long look at yourself Sonia.” – Nic (01:01:39)

“If people don’t hear your great interviews and hear you talk, it’s almost a waste.” – Brian (01:02:22)
“Thank you for having me on London Real.” – Sonia (01:02:30)
“I love that you’re doing this, it’s such a great show, it’s so cool.” – Sonia (01:03:41)


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