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Simon Powell - The Psilocybin Solution


Psilocybin expert Simon G. Powell explains how in the West mushrooms get a bad rap, why our paradigms are defined by our language, how he suffers from chronic biophilia and gaiaphilia, and why a bad trip is only when you are forced to learn faster than you are accustomed.


“Mushrooms and other entheogenics like Ayahuasca have a rich, noble history. The problem with the West is that they haven’t integrated them in our culture and they get a bad rap.” – Simon (01:35)
“Why the fuck have I written a book about a Class A substance?” – Simon (02:51)
“If you worked for a Vodka company that killed millions of people nobody would have anything to say.” – Nic (03:27)
“The Psilocybin mushroom I don’t even see it as a drug it’s a spiritual food.” – Simon (03:46)
“Everything is language. Our paradigms and the whole way we look at things are guided by language.” Simon (04:40)
“I had a little perfect moment and it had nothing to do with my bank balance.” – Simon (06:04)
“If Ayahuasca is called a plant teacher, what would be your ideal way to describe the Psilocybin mushroom.” – Brian (07:40)
“The feeling after we had done Ayahuasca is that the hard drive had been defragged.” – Nic (14:28)
“I tell them that it’s a Class A substance so don’t do it or prepare to go to prison for your sins. It’s has negative side effects like chronic biophilia.” – Simon (17:42)
“My mushroom fever period started in 1992, 20 years ago, and that lasted three months and I basically did mushrooms in a room.” – Simon (25:25)
“Maybe you guys should come out for a trek, the mushrooms grow in Autumn.” – Simon (32:24)
“Three different universities in America are doing Psilocybin research for therapeutic applications.” – Simon (35:22)
“Terence McKenna said it’s a journey from the alone to the alone when you take a psychedelic.” – Simon (36:08)
“That’s what no one likes to do today, no one likes to be alone, no one likes to go inside, they all want distraction.” – Nic (36:20)
“Terence McKenna used to say that a bad trip was where you were being forced to learn quicker than you were accustomed to learning.” – Simon (40:12)
“You have to be with it, whatever you experience you be with it. As soon as you shut the door on it, then you hear a pounding at the door.” – Simon (40:34


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