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Simon Mann - The Mercenary


Simon Mann is a British mercenary and former British Army officer. He served part of a 34-year prison sentence in Equatorial Guinea for his role in a failed coup d’etat in 2004, before receiving a presidential pardon on humanitarian grounds on 2 November 2009.


00:00 | Trailer
02:08 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:13 Brian’s introduction
06:56 An amazing period in Simon Mann’s’ life, satisfying and great fun
08:33 Executive Outcomes role in the civil war in Angola against UNITA
16:08 What the term mercenary means to Simon
23:38 Thoughts on Erik Prince’s proposal to privatise the military force in Afghanistan
25:26 Simon’s involvement in both the Angola and Sierra Leone wars
32:05 The United Nations were useless in both Angola and Sierra Leone
33:57 US & UK governments ordered them home when their task was almost complete
35:25 Diamond mining in Sierra Leone and the film Blood Diamond
36:25 What Simon did and where he went after the two wars
39:25 Stratagem for doing business in Africa
42:28 How an old Etonian become an SAS officer and then an ex mercenary diamond mine executive
46:57 No good memories of his first SAS term of active duty in Northern Ireland
50:08 When you look at any soldier you have to look at his military childhood
55:41 A move to South Africa with different interests, but Executive Outcomes ceases after S
57:43 Supplying arms to Sierra Leone and the resulting scandal, then Papua New Guinea issue
59:29 Simon advises against British involvement in Iraq invasion
1:08:36 Why Simon chose a military career
1:11:30 The networking value of being an old Etonian
1:13:38 Simon leads the 2003 Equatorial New Guinea coup amid a story of convoluted world politics
1:36:46 Simon’s arrest, mock execution and torture by Zimbabwean forces1:42:13 Pushing time in Chikurubi Prison, Zimbabwe1:53:21 Feared rendition to Equatorial New Guinea
2:11:52 A story stranger than fiction
2:22:31 How the years in prison affected Simon and his family after his release
2:27:37 Does Simon have any regrets for the decisions he took
2:29:02 Life for Simon now
2:32:29 How the British public perceives him now
2:34:17 What does Simon hope his obituary will say
2:35:13 Simon still has an adventure in mind
2:37:43 Simon’s opinion of what people should consider about possible future use of PMCs
2:42:27 Phone call to the 20 year old Simon Mann
2:44:26 Advice to the 20 year old listening across the world who wants to be in the army
2:45:45 Best advice ever received
2:47:40 Brian’s summing up.


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