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Watch > Episode > Matt Clifford - Revolutionising Business Leadership Through Innovation With Entrepreneur First

Matt Clifford - Revolutionising Business Leadership Through Innovation With Entrepreneur First


Matt Clifford is the Chief Executive and co-founder of Entrepreneur First which identifies and invests in Europe’s top technical students by supporting them to build startups that solve real problems using technology when they graduate. He joins Brian Rose at London Real studios in this fascinating episode to discuss his storied career, impact and how the vision behind Entrepreneur First underpins his work.

Matt Clifford’s journey in the world of entrepreneurship began with a strong educational foundation. He holds a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford, where he honed critical thinking and problem-solving skills. His academic background laid the groundwork for his future endeavours in the startup ecosystem.

In 2011, Matt Clifford, along with his co-founder Alice Bentinck, established Entrepreneur First, an organisation that revolutionises the traditional approach to building startups. EF’s innovative model focuses on identifying exceptional individuals with the potential to become successful entrepreneurs, even before they have a concrete business idea.

Entrepreneur First’s unique proposition lies in its commitment to building companies from scratch, bringing together talented individuals who may not have met otherwise. The program provides a platform for co-founders to collaborate, ideate, and transform their innovative concepts into viable businesses.

Matt Clifford’s vision for Entrepreneur First goes beyond the conventional startup accelerator model. Instead of selecting startups with pre-existing teams and ideas, EF identifies talented individuals with diverse skills, bringing them together to form co-founding teams. This novel approach has resulted in the creation of a wide range of successful tech companies, spanning various industries.

By fostering an environment where entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate, and leverage each other’s strengths, Entrepreneur First has become a hub for innovation. Clifford’s commitment to identifying latent potential and providing a supportive ecosystem has been instrumental in launching companies that address complex challenges and push the boundaries of technology.

Under Matt Clifford’s leadership, Entrepreneur First has expanded globally, with programs in multiple cities, including London, Singapore, Berlin, Paris, Bangalore, and Toronto. This global reach allows EF to tap into diverse talent pools and connect aspiring entrepreneurs with mentors, investors, and industry experts on a global scale.

The impact of Entrepreneur First is evident in the success stories of the companies it has helped create. These ventures span sectors such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, fintech, and more. The alumni of Entrepreneur First have gone on to secure significant funding, collaborate with leading industry players, and make meaningful contributions to the tech ecosystem.

Matt Clifford’s philosophy of entrepreneurship is rooted in the belief that exceptional individuals, when given the right environment and support, can create groundbreaking innovations. He emphasises the importance of identifying talent early in the entrepreneurial journey and providing a platform for individuals to explore and validate their ideas collaboratively.

Through Entrepreneur First, Clifford aims to challenge the traditional narrative around entrepreneurship, encouraging a more inclusive and diverse representation within the startup ecosystem. By breaking down barriers and connecting talented individuals, he seeks to unlock the full potential of aspiring entrepreneurs and drive innovation on a global scale.

Matt Clifford’s impact on the world of entrepreneurship is marked by his visionary approach to talent identification, collaboration, and innovation. As the co-founder of Entrepreneur First, he has created a paradigm shift in how startups are formed and nurtured, resulting in a diverse array of successful companies making waves in the tech industry. Clifford’s commitment to fostering global connections and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs underscores his influence in shaping the future of technology and business.


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