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Mark Hix - The Business of Food


Mark Hix talks about his seventeen year career in the London restaurant industry, how he pays his artists with food, why London differs from Paris in its acceptance of international cuisine, how he doesn’t believe in using “organic” produce, and why his philosophy in the kitchen is just to have fun.

“What is the magic that makes a successful, top restaurant?” “That first impression of a restaurant is crucial.” – Brian & Mark Hix (2:47)

“I thought maybe we need a sculpture so I texted Damien Hirst and 24 hours later he mocked up a tank with a cow in it.” – Mark Hix (4:43)

“So three of us opted to do domestic science and there was the teacher and three boys and that was the whole class.” – Mark Hix (7:19)

“When I do a restaurant I often use friends of mine who are artists so I trade work for food.” – Mark Hix (18:21)

“You seem to be the reluctant cook on TV” “I always say No to TV stuff because I want to concentrate on the restaurants.” – Brian & Mark Hix (20:57)

“I get up early 6ish, go for a swim and quite often I write early for the Independent or Esquire.” – Mark Hix (24:17)

“Is there cocaine everywhere in the kitchen?” “Cooking is a big thing now it’s a bit rock and roll.” – Mark Hix (28:51)

“Years ago I had scars up and down my arms. It’s hot, it’s noisy, it’s busy, it’s under pressure.” – Mark Hix (32:17)

“That’s what’s great about London is that any time of day you can go & eat whatever you fancy.” – Mark Hix (49:34)

“I think the word organic is misunderstood or misread.” – Mark Hix (53:02)

“Organic things don’t always taste better than something that’s been well reared and well fed.” – Mark Hix (53:15)


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