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Kevin Green - Wealth Coach


I like surprises. London Real is about showing you new perspectives, and improving your life with the unexpected. That’s what today’s guest will do. Kevin Green is the UK’s wealthiest private real estate owner, and spends much of his time inspiring others to follow in his footsteps. Despite his acute business sense and a net worth of over ¬£100million, Kevin is no cutthroat property baron. He is heavily involved in some of Britain’s major charities such as Shelter and The Prince’s Trust, and insists his success is down to following his heart rather than dog-eat-dog tactics. Speaking to Kevin, I found a gentle, modest and thoughtful man, someone who spends most of his time thinking about spirituality and how he can help others. What is so interesting about Kevin is that he is almost completely self-made. He was once homeless, before becoming a dairy farmer. Only after years doing a job that didn’t inspire him did he decide to take his life into his own hands. The core qualities that Kevin outlines in this conversation are not just ones grounded in tenacity and intelligence, but psychological robustness and humility. The biggest surprise for me was discovering that the most successful property owner in Britain is also a kind, caring family man with a deep sense of social conscience. One thing I want you took look out for today in this conversation is Kevin talking about his past. The struggles, grief and heartbreak in his life are as bad as any you will hear about, but instead of being dragged down by them Kevin sees them now as pivotal moments in his success. They gave him hunger. They gave him persistence. And they gave him the knowledge of self necessary to really admit to himself what was working in his life and what was not. When I say Kevin is a self-created man, I really mean it. He had the courage to face himself when he was sleeping under a bridge begging meals from road workers and alienated from his family. The conversation he had with himself at this juncture in his life will give anyone struggling right now courage and a true understanding of what it means to be source of your own power and destiny. One thing I notice about London Realers, and especially members of the the Academy, is that in many ways they are already “successful”. By society’s standards these are people who have risen up the ranks, and ticked off the boxes. What makes London Real different is that it attracts people with a new idea of success. If you are reading this and watch our show, the chances are you are one of those people. It is not enough for you get the accolades and the money. Your idea of success is just like Kevin Green’s. It’s about passion, fulfilment, doing what you love and taking control of your days. What inspires me about Kevin is that he never gave up on that vision. Through all the hardships, and the “success” of being a well-off dairy farmer, he never lost the connection to his own heart’s desire. You have come to London Real because you know your worth. You believe you are worth more than what other people expect of you. Kevin will prove to you today that you are right, that having the strength to say no to others’ demands, and saying yes to yourself, is what success is really all about.


8:15 | Introduction
8:45 | What is the next 4 weeks of life looks like? Pet donkeys
10:40 | Keynote speaking.
12:00 | Property business.
12:50 | Start from heart first.
13:33 | Being aware of spirit. Interviewing Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates.
14:45 | Feelings, passion and energy.
15:50 | 4 themes from interviewing people.
16:08 | Roger Lovell. Are entrepreneurs born or can they be made? Does genetics or the environment shape the entrepreneurs?
16:51 | Self awareness.
17:30 | Attitude. Everybody deserves a chance.
18:30 | Introvert.
20:45 | Keeping grounded.
22:10 | Mix with people you like.
23:10 | Zest to life. Shouting 3 big yeses. Fist pump in the air.
24:00 | Anchor. Learning from Anthony Robbins.
24:47 | The wealth dance.
26:45 | Persistence in the morning.
27:45 | Do whatever it takes.
28:35 | Dyslexia. Poor academically. I’m intelligent. Make the most out of my life.
29:50 | This is what Richard Branson told me. If you recognise qualities in a person who you admire, that’s who you are. Those qualities must be already in you because you see that in the person. And I was told that by Richard Branson and I never forgotten that.
31:26 | I will always be fine.
31:41 | Charities begin at home. You’ve got to help yourself first.
32:44 | How did you made the transition from homeless to a dairy farmer?
35:15 | I applied the job as a farm manager.
36:05 | Farming wasn’t for me. I remember I was in the milking shade one day and the cow behind me coughed and pooped at the same time as she lifted her tail and all this cow shit came all over me you know. And as I was putting the milking unit on another one because I was physically help the cows as well and that was a turning point in my life where I said I really don’t want to do this anymore. It was warm, that was a plus side. But it stunk and then the second stage of it, it started running down my neck and it went cold. I remember it like yesterday, the smell and the feeling and I decided to get out of farming.
37:15 | Death of my sister.
38:12 | If the pain of where you are at is not great enough, you are not going to make change.
39:15 | Even today I sleep 3 or 4 hour a night.
40:00 | These people are willing to go to uncomfortable places, repeatedly.
41:00 | The mantra of I will always be fine.
44:00 | Getting a scholarship and speaking in front of an audience.
45:40 | Constantly pitching yourself.
46:05 | Sir Richard Branson. If you go into an asset based industry, you will always going to do well. Richard creates environment in which people likes to work. That’s his secret.
47:10 | Robert Kiyosaki.
48:11 | You said you like property because you like people. I love creating lovely places for people to live.
49:15 | Being a big fan of Steven Covey. What do you want on your gravestone. Friendly, Fair and Funny.
50:25 | A company’s brand is a lagging indicator of culture.
52:22 | How do you get to interview Bill Gates.
56:20 | I waited and I waited. And out comes Bill Gates. I got 3 questions answered straight away. John Pinnette said to me, the rest of those questions you’ve got, email me here’s my card and I will make sure Mr Gates answers them for you. I just happened to be in the right place in the right time in this quiet corner where there is nobody for about a couple of minutes.
57:35 | Persistence. I believe the universe rewards that too.
58:10 | Tell me about how you sense people’s energy. The answers are inside you.
59:30 | Do you think we should all have spirits guiding us? Have them with us at all times.
1:01:02 | Property investing. Test the market at the front end.
1:08:30 | Safety, Certainty and Speed.
1:11:00 | The importance of clearing down the debt.
1:14:19 | The fear of not doing it was much higher than the fear of doing it.
1:15:00 | Know when to sell your business.
1:17:35 | The richest people in the world are either directly or indirectly involved in property investment.
1:21:28 | Dealing with details and systems.
1:22:36 | Persistent in focusing.
1:26:15 | Richard Branson watches and monitors everything.
1:26:55 | Naked in front of the mirror shouting, Yes! Yes! Yes!
1:27:58 | Advise to the 20 year old Kevin Green.
1:30:35 | Love what you do. You become your own environment.
1:31:50 | What’s the best advice you ever received?
1:32:57 | Advise to the 20 year old out there listening.
1:37:00 | You’ve got to knock on that door and go in.


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