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Julia Hardy - Girl Got Game


For those who don’t know, gaming is the most watched form of entertainment on YouTube. People are building careers as millions watch them stream sessions of Call of Duty, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. In Korea, thousands gather to watch eSports tournaments where gamers have rockstar status. What was originally a hobby is now a rising beast of an industry. In 2013, just its first three days after release, Grand Theft Auto 5 made over $1 billion in sales. That years big summer blockbuster, Iron Man 3, brought in a mere $372 million in its first weekend.

Today’s guest, Julia Hardy is a games journalist and presenter who’s worked for the likes of Radio One, Sky News and SBTV. She’s a champion for the cause in a world that often doesn’t give gaming the credit it deserves as the future of entertainment. She’s also a passionate voice for respect within the gaming industry. She’s animated, honest and, most of all, real about some of the challenges facing her both career wise and in her personal life. This is one of the best, tune in and enjoy!


What is gaming? Gaming is mainstream. Virtual Reality.

As an entertainment media it is disrespected by all other media outlet.

Music as an industry is wrecked.

Innovator’s dilemma.

Programming and content for less hardcore people.

You couldn’t pay me to go on TV because it didn’t make sense!

Everything is going on demand.

People don’t want to watch other people watch games. It’s so boring.

What does PewDiePie play? Zoella

People don’t think of themselves as a gamer.

Did Twitch affect the industry?

Were you a nerd or geek?

Gaming experience as a kid. Sonic 2

Nokia 8210

What games meant the most to you in the last 5 years?

Mass Effect 2. The Last of Us.

Storylines in the game.

Experience with man in LA and Grand Theft Auto.

Is this a men dominated sector?

Why be a presenter in the gaming sector?

Pros and cons as a female presenter in this industry.

There are jobs where “This is what you are going to say”

Is there a Hollywood tone to the game creation space? Triple As like Call of Duty, Fifa, GTO

How indie game is changing the gaming scene.

Do you love the Americans and do they love you?

How much gaming is too much?

Sedentary lifestyle and exercise.

Gaming is engaging the brain and problem solving.

Hooked. Dopamine reward of gaming. Sky room. Opting in to work.

What’s it like being a host a presenter? Freelance presenting.

Always prepare. Do one for fun.

Always in the hustle for finding new opportunities.

Being frustration on the set.

Any successful person is a hustler.

Spending time with people I want to hang out with.

Do video games promote and or encourage people to be violent.

Has videogames replaced the real world for this generation?

Can video games be a path to mastery?

Why is the video games lacking in well written female protagonist?

Has the difficulties of games decreased?

How is video games changing the world?

How gaming is bringing people together.

What were you doing in a Burma?

Doing things that are not obvious.

State funeral in Burma. Travelling in South East Asia.

Women with ‘long necks’ who wear brass rings.

I just stayed. Living in a bamboo hut.

And you said this is one of your happier times in your life?

Intrinsically, western life is designed to make you unhappy.

All this stuff is constantly rammed down your throat.

Besides the Burmese family would you ever go unplug like that?

You have to be aware of yourself.

Dealing with dad’s terminal cancer.

Grieving for someone who is dying.

Being aware and not taking it too far.

Too much time to think about something is not always the best.

Misogynistic mondays.

Dealing with Trolls. Why is my one superpower silenced?

The internet loves jokes. Calling them out.

Women is always sexualised.

As a men you should do your part in calling out these men.

Stepping in as a women.

Phone call to the 20 year old Julia Hardy?

Best advice you’ve ever received, business or personal?

Advice to the women.

It’s about enjoying it right now.

How do people reach you?Julia Hardy’s Official Website

Julia Hardy on Wikipedia

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Julia Hardy’s YouTube Channel:

Julia Hardy on Twitter @ItsJuliaHardy

Julia Hardy on Instagram

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